Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Running! Oh the Joy!

Spring!  The best time of the year to run. The world awakens from cryogenic slumber and regenerates. The grass greens, flowers bloom, the birds sing. We get a burst of new energy and optimism.

I went on a run wearing a t-shirt yesterday, first time running in less than a long sleeve shirt since November I suspect. It was wonderful.

But spring is a cruel mistress. The melting snow makes puddles that are so huge a lake forms on the sidewalk. On your approach, there is no telling how deep it is. I sing the lyrics to The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and start taking long strides ready to leap over them. When you clear the puddle, you howl inside in triumph. When you miss, you splash muddy water all over your leg and feel the wetness sink into your toes. 

The air feels so fresh, except for the scent of months of dog poop that fill the air. The feces have been gathering all winter inside the snow banks, which are now melting and releasing the fumes in the air

Piles of snow banks soak up the muck of the street and turn a sludgey black.

But all of this has changed. Winter is not done, and is dumping a fresh white blanket of snow 6 inches deep. The world is beautiful again...  (please, bring back the dog poop!)


Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Lol! So true. I ran in shorts and a tanktop! Found a nod puddle-freevroute for hill repeats :)

Kathee said...

Our city has stayed warm for quite a while. Snow storm over night and I ran at 1100 am to sunny skies and perfect weather.
We call our backyard, "poopapaloza". Every year we pick a day in the spring that we venture out for major clean up.

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