Friday, September 3, 2021

Let Me Out I've Had Enough - My First Story Collection - Now Available


My first collection of stories is now available in both Kindle and Paperback

LET ME OUT I'VE HAD ENOUGH—enough sadness, enough hurt, enough despair and devastation. Stories about desperate humans begging for help. Eight tales, most published here for the first time.

Just $3.99 for Kindle. $9.99 for Paperback

Check out LET ME OUT I'VE HAD ENOUGH on Amazon

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Shirley Jackson Award Nomination for Lullabies for Suffering

 Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror has been nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award! Yay! I'm thrilled, honored, surprised, and maybe most of all invigorated to keep supporting and creating works that take readers to places only horror and the dark fantastic can.

I was nominated as editor, but share this award with John FD Taff, Kealan Patrick Burke, Mercedes M Yardley, Gabino Iglesias, and Caroline Kepnes who all gave a piece of their heart for this project.

Here are the rest of the Shirley Jackson Award Nominees.

"The Shirley Jackson Awards are for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic... voted upon by a jury of professional writers, editors, critics, and academics."

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Audiobook for The Hobgoblin of Little Minds is now available

 The audiobook for The Hobgoblin of Little Minds is now available. Narrated by the golden voice of Linda Jones, who does an amazing job. 

Check it out here

"This impeccably well-wrought fable proves what many of us have known for quite some time: Mark Matthews is the reigning king of modern psychological horror."~Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Sour Candy and KIN

Fireside Horror is publishing some premier audiobooks. It's an honor to have a title in their library.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Super Blood Moon Rises

Maya Responds to the Super Blood Moon. An Excerpt from:

The mania that awoke her from this sleep seemed to run red, like electrical wires filled with lava, surging through her brain, infusing her with a power that burned. Her depression was shattered unlike ever before. Her soul and spine vibrated with energy. Muscles surging, clarity and mania summoned forth, sizzling away her old skin. She shed her old self and left it on the floor, then climbed through the second story window to stand on the roof of her house.

On the horizon, just over the buildings, the moon appeared gigantic, one huge eye of God peeking at his creations over the edge of Earth. Its crimson hue seeped over the aqua blue. The soothing celestial eye in the sky was now a ferocious red that coated the world. The world was going to bleed.

God was she driven and focused.

She jumped off the roof and landed with legs that immediately sprang into a run. So many delicious new scents in the air with the blood-red supermoon, and the one scent she had waited for filled her with supreme ecstasy.

Her daughter. Lilith was near.
She could sense it for the first time in over a dozen years, the unmistakable smell of her

flesh, their shared flesh, and a shared condition. This new species she’d become, something so hideous and glorious, no normal human could withstand, for whoever walks the earth with this gift, walks alone.

Until now.

Check out The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

Monday, May 10, 2021

Announcing "Orphans of Bliss: Tales of Addiction Horror" Coming in Spring of 2022

First came Garden of Fiends, then came Lullabies for Suffering
Happy as hell to announce a 3rd and final anthology of Addiction Horror is in the works. "Orphans of Bliss" is coming in the spring of 2022. Ancient Greek philosophers felt '3' was the perfect number and who am I to disagree. It felt wrong not to do one more collection, and this final fix will be the biggest one yet.  

Orphans of Bliss is the follow up to the Shirley Jackson Award nominated Lullabies for Suffering

Table of Contents:
SA Cosby
Samantha Kolesnik
Josh Malerman
John FD Taff
Gabino Iglesias
Kathe Koja
Cassandra Khaw
Mark Matthews
Christa Carmen
Kealan Patrick Burke

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror is a This Is Horror Award Nominee.

 Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror is a This Is Horror Award Nominee

Thanks to everyone who put in a vote!
And thanks to this incredible list of talent:
Caroline Kepnes
John FD Taff
Gabino Iglesias
Mercedes M Yardley
Kealan Patrick Burke 
for the full list of nominees click here—>  This is Horror Awards 2020

To vote: send your top two votes in each category to with the subject line ‘Awards 2020’.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

THE HOBGOBLIN OF LITTLE MINDS is now just 0.99₵ on Amazon

The sale really kicks off tomorrow with a Bookbub promo, but the price has kicked in now.

THE HOBGOBLIN OF LITTLE MINDS is now just 0.99₵ on Amazon

Check it out and click here—> The Hobgoblin of Little Minds on Amazon 

When the full moon rises on Monday, the sale ends and we won't see these prices again until well into 2022

Let Me Out I've Had Enough - My First Story Collection - Now Available

LET ME OUT I'VE HAD ENOUGH My first collection of stories is now available in both Kindle and Paperback LET ME OUT I'VE HAD ENOUGH—e...