Monday, March 10, 2014

"This was super creepy! I will never run a marathon now!"

On the Lips of Children continues to get some pretty incredible feedback on Amazon, and now those who have listened to the audiobook have chimed in. Here's what they have to say:

On the Lips of Children is a very good, character driven, dark fiction/horror tale that will make anyone that has children squirm in their seat. The narration was excellent and the pacing of the story was perfect. The story itself was simple enough, but the themes and concepts went much deeper and rang with interesting social and psychological tones. Mark did a wonderful job of building up the tension and the feeling of foreboding...Sometimes you run for fun. Sometimes for the endorphins. Sometimes....for your life. And sometimes you need to stop and make a stand.
A couple readers who listened to the story seem to have been talked out of any marathon plans: 
Well I was thinking of training to run a marathon but after listening to this I might give it a miss!  I don't read a great deal of horror but I really enjoyed this. It had the right amount of spine tingling, on the edge of your seat thrills mixed in with a bit of goriness and normal or not so normal family life!  

And here's another:
 Woah! This was super creepy! I will never run a marathon now! But this was one rollercoaster of a ride that had me hiding behind my pillow at times! Super book!

Finally, Here's a comparison to Jack Ketchum that my ego will live off of for the next few weeks or so:
A genuinely creepy short horror novel. It is the story of a family going to San Diego for a marathon, and stumbling across a hidden society on an evening-before-run. It was reminiscent to me of a Jack Ketchum novel.

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Dude, is that image new? I love it!

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