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"Incredibly powerful. Guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat."

"A helluva story. Very much recommended."
~JOHN F.D. TAFF, author of Little Deaths

"Brilliantly Clever Book!"

"The originality and tension is evident on every page. A rollercoaster ride from start to finish."
~RICHARD THOMAS, author of Staring Into the Abyss

"An urban legend in the making. You will not be disappointed."

MILK-BLOOD: A Tale of Urban Horror

 Lilly is ten years old, born with a heart defect, and already addicted to heroin. Her mother is gone from her life, and there are rumors that she was killed by her father and buried near the abandoned house across the street. The house intrigues her, she can't stay away, and the monstrous homeless man who lives there has been trying to get Lilly to come inside.
For her mother is there, buried in the back, and this homeless man is Lilly's true father, and both want their daughter back.

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