Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Running Comic Book by Cait Chock

Something new and trendy was gifted to me for my thoughts. A digital comic book called:

Effective Mental Strategy: Race Better by Out-thinking your Brain: An Informative Comic Book for Runners!

 The author and illustrator is Cait Chock, who has written articles for Running Times and Runners World and ran in the 2004 World Junior Track Championships. She set the then US High School 5k record and ran for a living as a Professional Nike Runner. These days, she also does running art and shirts.

I have followed Cait's blog for years. She is a wealth of information, and she speaks of it with confidence, charm, and humor. There is running wisdom in her veins, and now it comes with comics. This is what makes it cutting edge. Most runners have read plenty of running tips in their travels, but in this comic book style, it is like a person is speaking with you. There's a feel good vibe and Cait's love for running, writing, and artwork shine through. The visuals pop out of the page. I read it on my Ipad which I think a book like this is made for. The professional runners' thoughts were a great addition. This is a comic book sized work, and not a full piece of non-fiction, but I can only hope it is part of a larger series to come.

Here are some Ipad screenshots: 

 **Check out her blog here: The Arty RunnerChick
and her book here.

Also Available on Amazon for Kindle


Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Damnit don't you know I'm trying to REDUCE the number of blogs I follow?? Now I just added one. Thanks for nothing! :P

Cait the Arty Runnerchick said...

Thanks for the review, Mark! i'm glad you enjoyed the comic!

Anonymous said...


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