Monday, February 10, 2014

The Lego Movie: Everything Was Awesome (Even the Irony)

The Lego Movie is a great, creative, and fun film in a Pee Wee's Big Adventure kind of way. Like any good episode of Adventure Time, The Regular Show, or Spongebob, kids will miss out on some of the subversive jokes, but that's okay, because the laughs shoot out at you rapid-fire style. 

But, did anybody see the irony here? The 'bad guys' of the movie demand rigid conformity and will use that to take over the world. There are some hilarious moments and spoofs on those who blindly follow instructions. The good guys are the "master-builders" who will save the universe using artistic free form. The movie is a proponent of free play & creativity. 

But Lego has been selling sets which demand exactly the opposite. They have boxed sets with rigid instructions. Don't follow them, and you'll never have your pirate ship or Millennium Falcon. Only a bunch of mishaped pieces sure to be stepped on by barefeet in the dark and make you scream. 

Gone are the days when you just bought a bunch of different colored pieces in different sizes, and came up with what you imagined. The 'Master Builders' Lego thinks will save the world have been phased out by Lego themselves. 

Enough of that. The movie is great. So good, that we went out and bought the Xbox 360 game the next day, and it is a worthy video game version of the movie. (The 90 minute commercial worked on me.) The song "Everything Was Awesome", the phrase, "Honey, where's my pants?" "Taco Tuesday", and fear of the Kragle are certain to be part of our lexicon. 

Good Cop/Bad Cop. Favorite Movie character

Favorite Character to play in the Xbox Video Game

In other Monday Morning News: 
My post-cortisone shot runs have gone splendid! I felt a bit 'tingly' and odd, partly because a big huge needle had just been inside of me. I am being guardedly optimistic since I have been here before. Once I add more speed and more miles I will be able to tell if it made a difference. But for now, Everything Is Awesome.

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