Thursday, February 13, 2014

Audiobook of "On the Lips of Children" Coming Soon

The audiobook version of "On the Lips of Children" is coming soon through  I listened to the narration over the last few days and approved it last night. It will be available on, Amazon, and Itunes.

It was such a wild experience listening to the narration. After first listening to auditions from a few narrators, I worked out a deal with Bob Dunsworth. Dunsworth has narrated books for horror and dark fiction authors such as Richard Laymon, Rick Hautala, and Scott Nicholson. He's done Bud Light commercials, promos for Bruce Springsteen,  and voices from Transformers. And he brought the pages of On the Lips of Children to life.
Voice Actor Bob Dunsworth

The voice of Dante and the the children, "T" and "Q" are done especially well. My Ipad was turned up to max volume, and the narration echoed through my house as if I myself were trapped in the cave, listening to Dante screaming "FODDEEERRRR."  Hearing the feral kids from the drug tunnel ask the oblivious Lyric "want to play with us?" was all so insidious and cool. I have to believe this is the next best thing to having your book made into a movie.

If you haven't read the book, it is now available for kindle at the reduced price of $2.99. If you haven't heard the book, then, well, you haven't had the characters whisper in your ear.

I have this dream of someone listening to the audiobook as they run the Ocean Beach Bike Path in San Diego, the true setting which the novel is based on. It would need to be at 4:30 am in the dark, same as my original run was two years ago when the story came to me.

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