Friday, January 3, 2014

"Treadmills Are People Too"

A blizzard is nailing the east coast. There is enough snow to bury a standing hobbit. If you run outside, snow will be up past your knee. The wind will fly in your nostrils, freeze your heart to a stop, and then pass out your arse after taking part of your soul with it.

Where I live in Michigan, there is nearly a foot on the ground and it is -20 degrees with the windchill. Snow blows over any pavement that is exposed by shovel.

So there's the treadmill, and thank God for that, right?  It is the saving grace at times like these. Yet we persist in calling it the "hamster wheel" or the "DREADMILL." What a cruel and cold-hearted society we have become. Well, I am starting a movement, and have appointed myself the leader of the T.A.P.T. organization, and I want this harassment, ridicule and bullying to stop. May the first meeting of the Treadmills Are People Too come to order. 

I do appreciate a run outside more than one inside. I do see the benefit in getting out in cold conditions, feeling your face freeze, getting fresh air, and developing a rock hard resolve in your runner mentality. I've done it, and will do so again.There are highs to be had and joys to be felt out there in the frozen tundra that just aren't there all summer long. I love running through neighborhoods full of christmas lights or on a snowy single track trail. The shine from the sunlight or the moonlight on fresh white snow is heavenly.

But I also appreciate my treadmill, more than most, and I treat her with love. I don't cringe when I see her. I don't call her names behind her back.I don't disparage her existence.

Treadmills can make you a bad-ass too

Sure, she can make the miles tedious. Sure she plays games with me by making a tenth of a mile tick, tick, tick by so much more slowly. I know she lies, she has to. Never has a half of a mile taken what seems like 30 minutes to go by. "Lie to me," I say as I run, "I promise I'll believe."  Running on her is like being stuck in a relationship that never moves forward no matter how hard you try. 

But without her, I would be a much lesser person. I would have less miles in my bank. I would have less runs, less experiences, and a much fuller DVR. Some of my best movie moments have been on a treadmill in front of the blu-ray or DVR. Some of my greatest workouts have been pushing my legs forward, saying just let it tick to the next mile, be it 7, 12, or 23 (yes, I have done 23 miles on a treadmill.) 

Behind so many good runners is a grood treadmill. So, please, be kind to your treadmill. Every time you say "dreadmill," you take a little bit of her heart.

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SupermomE13 said...

I love how when other parts of the country get the weather that we have for half of the year it is big news. We always have more than a foot of snow on the ground and those kind of temps and life just goes on. :)

I am super grateful for my treadmill as it is the only way I can keep training year-round. I did 104 miles on mine last week and 90+ this week. I can't wait to be outside again, but I am grateful for the treadmill that gives me a place to run safe and fast in the winter.

I have a new treadmill this year and need to give it a name...

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Hey! I am very grateful for the option to run inside, and I don't think running inside is a cop-out or "not a real run", or that treadmill runners are somehow "less" than those of us that brave the elements outside; in fact I think it is harder than running outside. BUT, I am allowed to hate it! Running outside is fun. The thought of running on the treadmill fills me with dread, and I tell that straight to the treadmills face!

Anita said...

I have been calling it my DREADMILL for years now. It is a love Hate relationship. Like all good relationships I suppose. I Love that it is like a dog always looking for attention and ever so forgiving when you pay no attention to her during the summer months. And yet she wags her tail when you touch rubber to rubber and beat her up with sudden miles. She really is a Best friend;especially in the winter months here in Michigan!

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