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New Release: BODY OF CHRIST (A Novella)


BODY OF CHRIST is a new release that drops Monday, January 8th. It is a transgressive work about grief, loss, and two young people who rely on the church for guidance, and find it in the strangest of ways. In some ways, it might be considered sacrilege. In other ways, a testimony to the story of the resurrection. Read it and decide.

Here is the official blurb:

After his first Holy Communion, a boy secretly builds his own Jesus out of communion wafers and the flesh of his dead father.

On Halloween night, his Jesus shall rise.

After a tragic death, a girl tends to the Cemetery of the Innocents, a memorial to the holocaust of abortion and children killed before their time.

On Halloween night, the children shall live, and they need to be fed.

The Holy Spirit comes to life in this shocking, transgressive story of Christian Horror


Some reviews have already come in. Here's one:

"Mark’s writing, while fiction, is all too real. He takes real situations, real emotions, real tragedies, and builds amazing stories around them. Most authors try it the other way around - they start with the fantastical and try to build reality around it. This is why Mark’s stories hit home so hard.

Body of Christ is a weird, frightening, emotionally draining, horrific romp into the fearful minds of two children who witnessed the deaths of their parents. Faith watched them pull the plug on her mother, and Kegan watched his father commit suicide by police. In addition to those horrors, Faith has to go through her first menstruation with no help from her father, and Kegan is frightened by his zealous mother about his upcoming First Communion.

The way they both cope is something to behold. You’re left wondering, did it all happen? Was it just the fantasy of an imaginative child? Or did something else occur?

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating - Give Mark a read, you’ll not only learn something, but you’ll be entertained as well; and don’t be surprised if you’re left wondering, “What the hell did I just read?” (But in a good way)"

Here's what reviewer Shane Keene had to say

"This remarkable little tale took me by surprise, I confess. I've not read Matthews work before and so went in with zero expectations, but even if they had been high expectations, they would have more than been met. Body of Christ is a quick, horrific little read, packed with emotion and all the pain that comes along with a child losing and longing for a dead parent.

I'll have a full review coming soon but wanted to leave something here to tell you that you really want to read this guy's work. Ketchum has great things to say about him and there's a damn good reason for that. Mark Matthews and Body of Christ are the real deal."

Check it out! Just $2.99 on Amazon


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BODY OF CHRIST is on the Preliminary Ballot of the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards.

Happy to announce that my novella BODY OF CHRIST is on the Preliminary Ballot of the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards.


Thanks to everyone who voted.

BODY OF CHRIST is the story of a young boy who secretly builds his own Jesus out of communion wavers and the flesh of his dead father. (Of course, his Jesus will rise, like Christ-figures tend to do. )

HWA members who want a copy (and of course you do) I've got PDF, Mobi, limited number of paperbacks and audio-book vouchers. Also look to this space for another amazon FREEBIE.

..or I'll simply read it to you bedside and you'll have a spiritual awakening.

Message me at:

Want to think some fine folks who helped with this piece, John FD Taff, Andi and Charlene, Julie Hutchings, and the gang of Corpus Press.

Many of my favorite titles on this list below, and I hope to read as many of those I haven't in the short window.

See y'all in Grand Rapids.

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