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Check it out! FREE copies! Wicked Run Press is giving away 25 kindle copies of ORPHANS OF BLISS: TALES OF ADDICTION HORROR to the first 25 readers who email proof of purchase of any title from one of the authors on the TOC to WickedRunPress@gmail. Put "Orphans" in the subject line. You'll receive a voucher for a free download on publication day, 5/4/22
Date of purchase can be anytime within the past 6 months.
(Must have an Amazon account, and sorry—US Only)

In order of the Orphans of Bliss table of contents

Celebrate St Patrick's Day early with this incredibly gifted horror writer who has the lead story in all three addiction horror anthologies:

If you've not read his unique, powerful voice that has put him on the New York Times Best Selling list, then run, don't walk and read Blacktop Wasteland or Razorblade Tears from

Their prose is beautiful and certainly shines with an amazing tone of darkness in Nothing But Blackened Teeth, which has been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award!

He's been the backbone for the Addiction Horror anthologies and a master of the short.  Dark Stars, his anthology with TorNightFire, goes on sale soon, so Preorder now. Check out  JOHN FD TAFF

Her debut fiction collection won the Indie Horror Book Award for Best Debut Collection, and her story in Orphans of Bliss is simply one of the best stories of the series. Check out: CHRISTA CARMEN

Author of Coyote Songs, Gabino was nominated for a Bram Stoker award for his work in Lullabies for Suffering. In Orphans of Blliss, he's created a dystopian world where a drug called Gravedust impacts the most disenfranchised. Check out:

Splatterpunk Award-winning author of the novel True Crime which took readers by storm, and a magnificent new release, WAIF. Check out works by:

New York Times Best Selling writer of Bird Box, Malorie and Goblin. His story in Orphans of Bliss is a King Midas type tale for those who can never seem to drink enough. 

Author of the legendary novel, The Cipher. Koja's short, mystical, piece in Orphans of Bliss captures the obsessive nature of addiction in her trademark style. 

*Purchases from the Editor are eligible too! including Lullabies for Suffering or The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

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