Wednesday, January 4, 2017

GARDEN OF FIENDS Submission Deadline

The deadline to submit to GARDEN OF FIENDS: TALES OF ADDICTION HORROR is now in the past and there is much work ahead.  I've been reading submissions first thing out of bed, and reading submissions until I go to bed at night. Many of them I will read twice, and some will be read by at least two others who are also doing read throughs. Then there will be decisions to make. I want a diverse table of contents, with a variety of tones, and something that will keep the readers turning pages. 

Wicked Run Press will never be a traditional small publisher, only a small, personal company I will use for dream projects, but I am trying to 'do it right' and measure each step along the way. 

The nature of the guidelines required writers to put forth a ton of effort. The word count was longer than most anthologies, the topic required research, and it took a lot of hours writers could have spent doing otherwise. I certainly know how this goes, and with that in mind, I feel I owe each person who submitted a timely response. It will not be easy, and I want to feel confident in the final decisions.

If you are reading this and submitted, please know that I appreciate it and will do my best to get a response by early February.   I also want to thank the team of folks I have been leaning on for guidance and support. I would never have gone into this alone.

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