Saturday, July 16, 2016

24 Years of Sobriety and A Promotional Weekend

Time for an update.

I was 24 years sober last month

It's been a strange year.

Things do not always end like we think they will end. My running career certainly didn't. I figured I would slow over the years, run less miles, shorter races, have more injuries, but I'd be one of those dudes still cruising along at 65

I have always felt that the hardest part about staying sober is dealing with reality 24 hours a day. Reality is glorious and full of wonder, but it also bites. It really does. It's a great place to visit, but not to always live. I have been getting wonderfully high on running but it came to a stop after a major back injury caused chronic pain and numb legs. 14 months ago I could only walk 1/4 mile and did so with a limp.

I haven't given up hope. I've just started swimming to strengthen up my core. It has helped more than any of the PT exercise before did, and I can now walk a good hour at a time and even play some light tennis.

I've persevered, and will continue to.

Enough of all that. I've got a series of promotions coming up to broadcast. 

On the Lips of Children is on a .99 cent sale from Books of the Dead Press. Bookbub will be featuring it on Sunday, and Bookbub is amazon gold.

MILK-BLOOD will also be on a .99 cent kindle countdown deal starting Saturday.

And you can't get yourself some MILK-BLOOD without reading All Smoke Rises, which will be free  to anyone with blood in their veins on Sunday and Monday.

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