Thursday, June 2, 2016


I've had a handful of folks inquire about the status of MILK-BLOOD and the film adaptation.  Thought I'd give an update. Wish there was more to give, but here goes.

It was about a year ago when a producer contacted me who was filming a horror movie in Michigan. He had read my first horror novel, On the Lips of Children, and the inference was he was interested in the film rights. We talked for months, with the plan to meet on the set of their movie Elder Island. During this time, he also read MILK-BLOOD.

Shortly after I visited the set, met the potential producer, script-writer, director, I was offered a contract for the movie rights to MILK-BLOOD. The hope at that time was the crew from Michigan would work on MILK-BLOOD as the next project.

Well, about the same time I signed the contract, Michigan's film industry exploded. The tax credits for filming in Michigan, which had sprouted a new industry all over the state, was eliminated by Governor Snyder. NOOOOOOO!!!  There was a mass exodus of movie-makers out of Michigan. 

This really sucked, and while it does not mean MILK-BLOOD won't be made, it did cause at best a delay. 

Movie options are done all the time on films that are never made. Production companies gobble them up, just in case.  However, this is not such a company. They are small, and from what I understand, have not bought any movie rights that haven't seen fruition, and MILK-BLOOD is still listed as their third project, not their next. 

Currently, there is no script, but there is a script-writer, and the producer does have ALL SMOKE RISES in their lovely little hands and I'm hoping some of the content makes it into the movie adaptation.

I still think the movie gets made  (Vegas odds have it at a 58% chance) but it won't be this year or the next.  I tend to have guarded expectations, for expectations lead to resentments, and resentments lead to relapse.  I continue to hope and aim high.

Around our house, the adage is, book before movie, so a few more thousand readers need to read MILK-BLOOD anyways before watching it on the big screen or streaming from Netflix.  So, Book Before Movie, dammit. You've got at least two years, best to start now. 



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