Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Star of Little Orphan Annie To Play the Role of Lilly in Movie Version of MILK-BLOOD

I am ecstatic to announce that starting this summer, the movie version of MILK-BLOOD will begin filming on location on the East side of Detroit. Right on Brentwood Street, where the novel takes place.

Quvenzhane Wallis from the recent remake of Little Orhan Annie has signed on to play the role of Lilly.

After the magical realism of Beast of the Southern Wild, and the incredibly optimistic remake of Little Orphan Annie, Quvenzhane and her parents felt Lilly from MILK-BLOOD was the perfect role for the 11 year old actress.
"I love Annie, but the concern is the story presents a 'false narrative'. A fable for the privileged to explain the plight of the disenfranchised. Lilly is really the true type of orphan for our time."
Wise, witty, and gritty beyond her years, the oscar nominated actress added; "The sun may come out tomorrow, but your bottom dollar has been long spent. You just can't afford that kind of sunshine in some parts."

Playing the part of Lilly's father will be Lennie James known for his role as Morgan from The Walking Dead

"The true horror of the script blew me away. Smashing in brains of zombies is nothing compared to the steps Zach needs to take. Rick Grimes wouldn't last the night on Brentwood Street."

Angela Bassett will be aged by special effects guru Tom Savini in order to play the role of Lilly's Grandmother. "An Urban Detroit Witch will come natural after doing some voodoo in the bayou," said Bassett, referring to her role in American Horror Story 

Look for MILK-BLOOD on its release date of April 1st, 2018.
Or pick up a copy for just .99 cents this week.
(Only one of these statements is an April Fools)

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