Friday, June 20, 2014


Running is supposed to be the simplest activities, easily accessible, and without economic barriers. The barefoot movement isn't just about running as we were born to do, but running more ‘naked,' more simple. Running without a watch, without shoes, just hitting stride after stride and living off of mother earth. So it should be cheap, right?

But there is money to be spent on this sport. Are you a barefoot runner? you probably wear special shoes to help you run barefoot. Before you even lace up, there are special pre-run elixirs to help you run farther and faster, which makes it more important you also buy special post-run elixirs for recovery. Compression socks for your calves, compression helmets for your head. Earphones that fit, watches that measure every bit of data, and that slimey stuff so your nipples don't bleed. Plus, you'll need reflectors so you don’t get hit by a car, and spikes for your shoes so you can run on ice.

Run for a while and pretty soon you'll want to run all over the earth. You'll pay thousands to go run New York, Chicago, Boston, and then take trips to Disney just to run through Cinderella's castle wearing Pluto ears.
Priceless, huh
But it’s all worth it, and the high of running is priceless. The reason I write books is to get some cash to pay for running gear, since running brings me the creativity to get ideas to write books so I can get enough cash to pay for running gear.

And these days, the price is steep. In the last 60 days, I’ve paid $1,000 for a MRI  and another $400 for massage therapy that has been grinding away at the scar tissue in my leg (results have been freakin amazing so far).

I’ve ran about 25 miles during this time, just started up two weeks ago. It amounts to almost 70 bucks per mile.

Yep, it’s an expensive high, this running, but if I knew exactly what would work and where to toss my money, I’d pay double. Problem is, I toss it about and try to see what works, and it doesn't always hit the mark. That compression helmet I think was a damn waste, as, I fear, maybe was the MRI. A junky runner and his money are soon parted.


Kathee said...

It's insane the amount of money I've spent on running. My running wardrobe is extensive and expensive. My closet full of shoes....full of running shoes. I'm not even going to get into the amount I've spent on medical bills.
Totally worth it. I think running cuts down my need to psych meds and makes the world a safer place.

misszippy said...

I am thankful that I came into running at a cheaper time b/c I really am quite content w/o all the bells and whistles. Garmins, compression socks, very expensive race entries--I'm content w/o them. Not to say I don't have some pretty high PT bills racked up...

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