Thursday, April 3, 2014

BOSTON! Coming Soon

The Boston Marathon is just around the corner. If you are training for it then right now you are in the madness of tapering. You are icing your very real or very phantom injuries preparing to run in perhaps the most anticipated marathon of a lifetime, and to a degree, help a nation face some post traumatic stress.

My typical sentimental hyperbole falls short of what this year's event will mean. How ecstatic that last stretch along Boylston will be. Words fall short. No finish line sucks you into its grasp like the roar of Boylston and that blue stripe.  Especially for those who never got to finish last year. This year will be like none other.  I want to watch while running outside wearing google vision glasses and pretend I am there.  

Oh boy.

And here's another BOSTON I am excited about. A Boston Terrier. Our new puppy.

My family has been waiting for April 5th when he will be 9 weeks old and ready to take home. After adopting our last dogs from shelters, we wanted to choose a breed and choose a breeder, and after much research into the fairly scandalous world of pet sales, found a breeder we trust and the perfect breed. The Boston Terrier.  Here he is, the as of yet unnamed pooch.


Jennifer Crawford said...

Boston puppies are so much much that I have 2 of them. you will have your hands full but so worth it!

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...


misszippy said...

Oh my gosh--he is SO cute! Have a ball with him.

Yes, there is nothing like Boston and this year will be incredible. I was supposed to be going but injury had another idea. : (

Cathy Taughinbaugh said...

What a cute puppy! We have a nine year old Boston Terrier and she has been a great dog. They love people and are very fun to have. Enjoy your new puppy and thanks for sharing the pictures!

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