Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Bromance. According to the Urban Dictionary, it describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

Well, I am having some digital bromantices from afar. The objects of my bromantical affection should certainly be made public. Here they are:

1. Rust Cohle – True Detective                      
He came into my life and left. 8 hours only. I miss his nihilistic quips under his breath. I miss the existential ponderings as he cut up aluminum beer cans and made little people, as if he himself were God and we just the figurines he played with. I miss him blowing smoke in my face and his swagger with a beer in his hand. Of course, his true bromance was with Marty (Woody Harrelson), and the two needed each other more than either may admit to.

2. Adam Driver - HBO’s Girls
Besides some of his weird fetishes and his Tommy Hilfiger ads, I have some Adam Driver worship. He is completely without pretense, and has a moral compass that may not always point north but it does guide him. He is one who “never says a commonplace thing” and is an example of how being sober and in recovery can actually give you an edge, rather than take it away. (disclaimer: I’m only a 4 episodes into season 3, so subject to change). And now he's in the next Star Wars.

"DAMN, that's a cold ass honkey." 

3. Adam –from the blog The Boring Runner
My bromance with Adam was smoldering for a while, but gained steam when he wore a Macklemore inspired Thrift Shop pimp hat running the New York City Marathon. We were on the same 26.2 mile stretch of road, but I was back in the pack. His blog posts are fresh and hilarious. Adam is known for rubbing peanut butter on his naked body while playing with the dog writing hilarious sentences and then putting in a strike-through to change the meaning. Check out his blog, and if you are lucky, you’ll get to see an awesome selfie like this one.

Honorable Mention:- Author Joe Hart

Joe has built a mini-dynasty of wonderfully crafted and thrilling books with his own publishing imprint, which is something I completely covet. And he has been open to my barrage of questions, which makes him good people .  Perhaps not a bromance, but I’ve taken to him like Donkey on Shrek

Ex-Bromances- Darryl Dixon – The Walking Dead 
Still kicks ass and I would hunt snakes and
raccoons with him anyday, but he seems to have lost his appeal of being eternally conflicted when his brother Merle died. (I’m a few walking dead episodes behind, so this could change.)


Anita said...

Don't Give up on Darryl yet!! Although he does get a bit soft this season.
Love the new "LOOK".

Vaudiophile said...

They're just softening Daryl up so they can get away with killing him eventually. He was becoming too big to fail.

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