Friday, January 10, 2014

I Need a Runner Ap Maker, But All I Got is an Audio Book

There are all sorts of runner aps out there.  Some will measure your run, talk to you in Olympian voices, and read off your splits. There are some for the treadmill to make it more interesting.  There are some for your run outside to make it more meaningful.  Here is a list for the Top 5 Running Aps. 

Zombies, Run! is on the list. It is narrates a zombie attack where you are being chased and the stakes become higher, forcing you to maneuver and fartlek and build a base of supplies.
Five Best Smartphone Running Apps

Well, in my perfect ego-centric universe, there would be an app quite similar, but based on my novel "On the Lips of Children." You would be chased by a a psychotic crystal meth addict who has just injested some bath salts and yells out "Fodder" the closer he gets to catching you.  At his side would be his feral twin children who may or may not want to play nice with your child. The trail would be dark. Homeless men may grab at your ankles. Dobermans will snarl and show their teeth.  You would be scared, but you are up to the task, for all your life has brought you to this moment to test your strength, will, and resolve. Plus, you are motivated by the wedding ring in your pocket ready to present to your loved one when (if) you make it to the finish. 

So, Ap makers, can you help a brother out and make one?!

Hmmm, no takers.
Well, I got the next best thing. "On the Lips of Children" will be available as an audio book sometime before spring through I have been listeing to narrators' auditions, and it is one of the coolest things to hear your stuff be read aloud by a theatrical, dramatic voice.  In my perfect world, the book would be listened to while running at 5 am in the dark on the Ocean Beach Trail in San Diego, (the trail this story is based on.)
For now, all that is available is the old fashioned version. On amazon for $2.99. Or paperback,

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John said...

I'm reading "Chasing the Dragon" right now. It's great so far.

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