Friday, December 27, 2013

A Year in Blog Posts

"Son, you want to get some hits on your blog, I got two words for you. Now listen closely. Darryl Dixon. That's right, just put Darryl Dixon in your blog somewhere, and people from all over the globe will be stopping by your blog and setting up camp."

**Here's a summary of the posts that seemed to get the most attention in 2013: Darryl Dixon inclusive and otherwise.**

My New York City Marathon posts got some loving. The most hits was for  Goals for the New York City Marathon, and 2nd was the Race Report, a close 3rd was how running the Marathon was like taking some LSD

The Rock CF Half Marathon race report has been around longer, and received just as many hits as the NY race report.

My Nike Pegasus post on burning shoes at the stake topped all of those. People love posts about shoes as much as they love Darryl Dixon.

Here's some other top views in the running category:

Hungry Runner Guy: How long runs are making me fat

Why Runners Need A Therapist

Running Tattoos

Shazam- A Must Have Runners App

8 Things I've Learned About KT Tape

Jack Kerouac Ultra Trail Runner

6 Running Products I Would Pimp if given the chance, and 3 I would not

Winter Running and Runners World Abs
(Folks like to google 'Runner's World Abs')

Addiction related post on my sober ST. Patricks Day Run

**As for the many media and book reviews, here are some other top posts**

Mountain Home and Bracken Macleod got a bazillion hits

Release of my own novel got a ton of hits 
topped by my announcement: Thrilled to Announce I've Signed With a Publisher

Game of Thrones Season Finale review

Les Miserables and All Things 24601

Runner by Patrick Lee and Running With the Pack by Mark Rowlands

With all the above, the number one media post was:

World War Z, Sprinting Zombies, and All I Wanted Was A Pepsi 

It got 3,000 hits since June, 500 a month. My blog post is near the top if you google "World War Z and Pepsi." Little did I know that so many would have the same reaction at the Pepsi product placement in the movie.

"Son, listen closely, if you want to get some blog hits, "World War Z" is your ticket."

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