Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Race is Long, And In The End, It's Only Against Your Brother - Darryl V. Merle

So, this is sibling rivalry week.  The week of an historic showdown of Brother 'V.' Brother, blood versus blood, sib versus baby sib.

I'm talking about the Jim Harbaugh versus John Harbaugh, the historic super bowl, right?


I'm talking about DARRYL V. MERLE.

Darryl is by far the fan favorite. Woman swoon, men bromance, and he's come so far since he's been away from his red-necking, backwoods-living, back-stabbing, rascist rambling, hand chop off-ing brother Merle. The best parts of Darryl have come out in this worst of worlds, and he's awkwardly finding himself.

 But Darryl's blood is thick, and brother Merle speaks to the worst parts of him. At the time of this writing, they are trapped in a pit with a freaky mob and some hungry human eaters, so I'm thinking they are gonna have to forget their differences and work together for a  moment.

Don't you ever forget who you are!

Come back to life as Lego people.

Not everybody realizes that Darryl Dixon is, in fact, a marathoner. Yep, check it out here.

 If you can't wait for the showdown, My own little Zombie Story is a fun read and available on Amazon.

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