Monday, December 3, 2012

I Am A Bayshore Marathon Runner ~ Thanks To My Sponsor

So, after a quick debate and great feedback, I registered for the Bayshore marathon in Traverse City. I am pretty excited about this event, since it's a marathon I really wanted to run, rather than just an event that allows me to run a marathon.

Toledo and Lansing are great options and still at my fingertips for future close races, but Bayshore is scenic and apparently fantastic.

A map of the course. Follow the red line, out and back along the waterfront in Grand Traverse bay.

Birds Eye view of the Bayshore Marathon route which is run on the East side of the middle penninsula.

As for not running Ann Arbor.. well, I have some guilt.  I wanted to be a supporter, an advocate, an ambassador for the event, but they couldn't make enough changes to make me stay. If they had picked a 'non-summer' date, or had made the course more Ann Arbor and less 'out and backs' down some lame areas, or just finished the run in the Big House, I would have stayed.

But, alas, I have to move on, dear Ann Arbor Marathon, but I still have your number if you can just make those changes.

The Spouses of Marathoners Support Group - Meetings Sunday at 7 a:m.

When it comes to relationships and marathoning, the challenges and expectations on spouses and families is pretty overwhelming and often overlooked.  Consider the time we spend training, recovering, lamenting, talking about injuries and miles per week, foam-rolling in the middle of the living room, walking around with those empty bits of Gu wrappers stuck to our butts, putting body glide on the table that gets confused for deodorant, and of course all those multiple 2 hour plus runs. Plus the travel for the event.

Marathon partners need their own support group. They could discuss things like how to pretend they are interested in listening to you talk about your pace, how to sleep through early morning alarm clocks, and why the taper period is considered 'that time of the month,' amongst many others. 

This was a large factor in my decision since I have already traveled to New York last November and I hope to again next November. Bayshore will require another long drive, but logistically it looks like it can be incorporated into a memorial day vacation where I'll go to the event, run it in about 2 hours and 92 minutes, and then drive back south to meet my family at a vacation spot.

Yes, besides our legs, the second most overwrought and taxed entity for us marathoners is our family. As much as one can try to run during lunch or during paid time off, or set our alarms and wake up at 5 am to go for a run at 6, it's still impossible to train without family support. If nothing else, they have to listen to all our neurotic ramblings.  So, thanks to my sponsors! (my family) for their support.

And with that in mind, here are two Hilarious youtube videos I found of a 'marathon runner' and his perplexed wife.  I know the videos have made the rounds and many have seen them before, but I just recently watched them for the first time.

Here's a few more links of Youtube videos, with even more on the sidebar.


LBTEPA said...

I reckon seeing us getting in and out of low couches the days/s after a marathon is the family's reward. Also laughing at us when we drop things and can't pick them up

Cait the Arty Runnerchick said...

oh us runners are a strange breed!
i'm glad u've found a marathon that fits for you, and yea, it's okay to sorta feel a little bad only because Ann Arbor holds a soft spot in ur heart...BUT at the end of the day u gotta look out for number one and if they aren't ante'ing up u gotta get mooooving on! ;)

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