Friday, June 22, 2012

Author Interview: Cami Checketts, Author of 'Dead Running'

Wednesday, I posted a review of the Marathon based novel, Dead Running.  As promised, here is a short author interview.

-Tell us a few random things about yourself and the evolution of Dead Running?
Up until a few years ago I'd never ran over five miles. My sister-in-law talked me into running a half-marathon. I started to really enjoy the training and ran a twelve one day without realizing I'd gone that far (that's a rare day, most of the time I swear I've gone farther than I have!). I decided I should just run a marathon. I've been addicted to running ever since. When I won an entry into the St. George Marathon at a local race I thought it would be a fun start to a book about a non-runner converting and that's how Dead Running was born.
-I believe you said your publisher wasn't sure how to market this novel (same thing I heard about The Jade Rabbit)  
Who do you think would connect with this novel?
 I think a lot more people are active and enjoy exercise, giving a novel about a runner a broader appeal. It was also fun to work with fitness and running blogs to promote the book.
-Do you think about writing as you run? Is there any connection there?
I love brainstorming while I run. I have complete scenes come to me sometimes. My biggest problem is remembering exactly what each character said when I go to write everything down. I think running opens up your mind to process any kind of problem or kick up the creative juices.
-Proceeds from sale of the novel are donated to a The Child & Family Support Center. What is your connection to this agency?
Currently it's just monetary donations. I'd love to volunteer at our local crisis nursery but I have four young boys. I will get more involved when they are older.
-Were you training for a marathon when you wrote Dead Running?
When I originally wrote Dead Running I was training for the St. George Marathon.
-Do you envision more for Cassidy, the main character of Dead Running?
Definitely. She cracks me up. I'm planning to write the sequel this summer and have it available in the fall. We'll see if my boys agree with that schedule!
-Tell us about some of your other novels?
 My third published novel, The Sister Pact, features an exercise scientist who is battling some food disorder issues and some terrifying family drama. Here's a short blurb:
Savannah Compton finds her sister, Allison, unconscious. Blood is spurting from Allison’s head and her toddler is screeching for Mommy. The handsome detective at the door believes Savannah is to blame.

-It's mile 21 in a marathon, you are on pace to run your best time ever. You can feel it in your legs. You are going to finish strong and have that PR you've always dreamed about.  But then you notice what seems to be a (maybe) dead body in the bushes behind the crowd that nobody else can see?  What do you do? (okay, that's a weird but fun one)
I'd start screaming like a madwoman but I know I'd also run for the bushes to see if there's any hope that the person is alive. I'd just be praying that someone hears my screaming and comes to help because I don't react well. I once glued my 2 yo's eyelashes to his eyelid trying to superglue a cut and then I screamed until my husband came to fix it. I'm probably not the person you want coming to your aid!

Check it out: Dead Running on Amazon  

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Cami Checketts said...

Thanks Mark!
You'll be happy to know I ran 14 up a canyon today (on my broken toe) and felt pretty good. What a relief!

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