Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Avengers

Yes, along with the rest of the population, I saw The Avengers this week.  It is basically Iron man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2, plus another remake of the Hulk, so why not?  I am not a major comic book fan, but I am a big fan of comic book mythology and love their origin stores.

The Avengers was fun, but certainly flawed in ways movies such as The Dark Knight was not, but with all the mish-mash  coming together, I thought it was done very well. If the movie were a puddle, it would not be a deep one but it would still be a blast to jump in.  If The Avengers were a Budweiser, than the Dark Knight is a Heineken.

Their conversations and spats due to contrasting personalities were the coolest, and it was in their quietest moments that they steal the show.  Of course the action was cool. There is an Iron Man-Thor fight, and then the Hulk gets in the fray, which is fun. It was like you put them all in a glass Jar and shook it, just to make them all angry and fight each other.  But in the words of The Wonderpets, “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!”

Some thoughts about the Motley Crue:

Character you would most want to marry your daughter:
Captain America:  Loyalty, black and white thinking, dedication to higher causes, safe and conservative, he was the engineer in college who got nervous when someone lit up a joint. 

Character I would most want to be for a day:
The Hulk: He really stole the show for me. The vulnerable Mark Ruffalo was brilliant, and like the character, you felt his concern ‘can the hulk ever be controlled’ to focus his rage?. Dr. Bruce Banner is the intellect, the hulk is the savage, and damn I wish I had the two in me as magnificent as he did.

Character most likely to be wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt:
Iron Man: Why? Well, because he was!  I love Iron Man. “I Am Iron Man” (um, which is sung by Black Sabbath, by the way).  Iron man is my favorite, suave and confident with all the electronic gadgetry that makes my man-cave look pre-prehistoric.  If the Avengers were the Beatles, he would be Ringo.  This movie offered not much new from Iron Man, more of the enjoyable same, except perhaps a bit more selfless heroics.

Character most likely to have had some angst ridden teenage years:
Black Widow: There was a ton of lingering questions under the surface, which at times she fabricated just to get information from others, and deceptiveness is part of her game, so what’s real and what isn’t?  But its clear she has some superhero love for Hawkeye (both of them are orphans) and her inner psyche seemed to have the most hidden and swirling turbulence. If the Black Widow were a singer, she would be a Fiona Apple and Alanis Morissette mix.

Character you most want making your family scrap album.
Thor: Always Regal and Kingly. Family and cultural heritage seems primary, he’s fighting another fight, started long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…    (I am sensitive to the issue, but I didn't appreciate his "Loki was adopted" comment.)

Character who you think, "if I just train really hard, maybe I can be him:"
Hawkeye: I think it would be harder for me to get his biceps than his wicked bow skills, and his sweet variety of arrows that would make Bo and Luke Duke trip over Daisy.

There you have it, my take on the crew of The Avengers, and thank god we live in an age were Geeks dreams can come true.

(If this post were a potato chip, it would have bubbles in it, and you would have first stared at it, admired it, wondered how that little potato chip bubble had made it all the way through the factory, into the crinkly bag, traveled on the truck over miles, and onto the shelf, without being popped. And you would have popped it and eaten it by now.)

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Vaudiophile said...

As far as I'm concerned, as far as the beer world goes, there's not much of a difference between Budweiser and Heineken.

Then again, I have plenty of issues with the Dark Knight, anyway.

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