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GUEST BLOG POST - Memory Burning Movie Quotes

(So, I was complaining to a co-worker/friend about my ailments of late.  Been sick, not running, unmotivated, not writing, when she asked what she could do.  "Write me a guest blog post" I quipped.  Well, I woke up this morning to this post on my doorstep. Enjoy, and with just one word of encouragement, she will be putting herself out there on her own blog.)

Here's Johnny!

Memory Burning Movie Quotes

“… the second star to the right,  and straight on till morning.”
“I’d love to kiss you but I just washed my hair.” And of course the all too familiar
“You can’t handle the truth!!”
I am willing to bet that all of these quotes evoke some sort of image personal to each and every one of you. I know that for me personally I hear a British accent when I read the first one. I hear a rough and tumble Bette Davis with the second, and a convicted, forceful Jack Nicholson with the last. I believe when a screenwriter sets about writing the screenplay for a movie or TV show they don’t know what will or won’t be accepted and become a huge part of pop culture. It’s amazing to me how many lines from movies or television work their way into our lives. If I were to say “ How YOU doin’?” Would you know what I was referencing? Would it make you smile? Would the name Joey Tribiani click for you? It’s not that the phrase wasn’t used prior to the hit sitcom Friends, it’s more that you can’t help but hear Joey saying it now. It’s forever immortalized in Pop Culture.

When Mr. Matthews off-handedly mentioned me guest-blogging for him I basically told him he was crazy. I am not currently, what I would call, a “Blogger.” Essentially, I ramble on incessantly about things that I’m thinking at the time with little or no regard to how an “audience” will take it. It’s just what I’m thinking and in the mood to share with whomever is reading. Are you sufficiently confused yet? Are you bored? Hey YOU!!!! In the sweatshirt, slurping your coffee THIS IS NOT A TEST, Please vacate your daze and follow along, I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you are disappointed…well that’s just too damn bad, cuz for the current moment I’m all you’ve got. 
Anyhow, now that particular tangent is over let me get back to my story, where was I? Oh yes, being asked to write this blog entry. As you have no doubt noticed my writing style couldn’t be further from Mr. Matthews’. His writing is always definitive, intelligent and quite honestly engaging. I feel a bit more free, as I have absolutely no expectations, unless you count me expecting you to roll your eyes and laugh at me or even to skip this post entirely. I hope for the sake of experiments, that you might just continue reading. So, asked to write a post this is what came into my mind, Top 10 Kristi Picks of Movie Quotes to Everyday Life. So, here you have it. Enjoy or don’t. Agree or disagree. The reality is for these few hundred words, it’s what I’m thinking. I hope it at least takes you back. I’m not putting them in any particular order that is entirely too much work.
Top 10 Kristi Picks of Movie Quotes to Everyday Life

10. You can’t handle the truth!!!~ Definitely a classic example of a movie quote making its way into the everyday vocabulary of the common man. Even if you haven’t seen A Few Good Men, you are still pretty familiar with this quote. It’s used in many parodies or representations of the same situation. My favorite would have to be by Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar. Nothing like a little Jim Carrey to make you laugh until you pee your pants.
9.  …Bond, James Bond.~ Enough said.
8. Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.~ I think this is one of my favorites. You don’t necessarily hear “gin joints” when people paraphrase this line, but you hear it all the time. Of all the stores in all the towns…. Of all the little pet shops in all the towns. Wait a minute….Anyhow, its completely classic.
7. You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?~ Hah this one is used everywhere. Comedies mostly nowadays, but seriously? Thanks Mr. DeNiro you are forever immortalized.
6. Run Forrest, RUN!!!~ Only, insert whosever name you so desire in the place of Forrest. I cannot hear anyone say these words without thinking of Forrest Gump.
5. Toto. I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. Oh yeah, this one is paraphrased and used so commonly it’s just there. Never to go away. Used in movies, books, TV and for us mere mortals in everyday conversation.
4.May the force be with you. The force is strong with this one.~ It doesn’t matter what quote you use from this epic franchise, the whole point is, it’s used every day. George Lucas…you created a monster
3.You complete me. You had me at hello. Show me the money.~ I’m lumping these all together because the amount of quotes that are used regularly from Jerry McGuire are ridiculous. My own Dad uses SHOW ME THE MONEY so often, it’s a family joke. I see people jokingly saying  “you complete me.” All the time. Raise your hand if you’ve ever attempted to fake sign “you complete me” to a friend/significant other or family member. <<raises hand>>

2. There’s no crying in baseball!~ Yep, only insert any form of any activity here and you have an icon of a quote. I’m starting to see a trend here. Tom Hanks you get really good roles.  Anyhow, who doesn’t remember or love that scene?
1.Nobody puts Baby in a corner.~ Okay, I know I know what you are all thinking. She picked THAT one to end with. Well, the truth is we could go on forever. These iconic phrases are used in today’s vocabulary and phraseology, like salt and pepper on steak. I just know these are some that I believe will stick around forever.

Just to make some of the people happy, here’s a list of a few Honorable Mentions, because I just couldn’t leave them out, and I didn’t feel like doing a top 20.
I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too! Wizard of Oz
I’m melting, I’m melting. Wizard of Oz
I feel the need, the need for speed. Top Gun
My precious. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Return of the King
Here’s Johnny! The Shining
Say ‘hello’ to my little friend!! Scarface
We’ll always have Paris. Casablanca
If you build it, he will come. Field of Dreams

I won’t torture you anymore. If you made it all the way through this post, I appreciate you and I hope you smiled at least once and had a good memory montage in your head. Don’t worry, all your future posts will be from Mr. Matthews.


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