Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Love Goodreads, and One Reason Titles of Posts Always Seem to Need A List With A Specific Number Attached

You ever notice there always has to be a number attached to any title? For example, it's "4 secrets to getting into heaven"  or "5 ways to be a better juggler" or "the top 12 reasons you should floss."   I guess we all want definites, and it makes the author of the post or book sound much more official because in all their wisdom and research, they have found a definite number attached to the clues to the universe.

So, in that spirt, Ten Reasons On Why I love Goodreads. 

1.  You can talk about any kind of books; pop culture, pulp fiction, zombie fiction, wizard books, classic works, and anything under the sun and you are treated the same. You can talk as artsy-fartsy as your college unshowered English Lit Prof, and as much power and passion there has been with your relationship to books, there is someone out there who seems to have more.

2. You can get to know other like minded folks by seeing how many stars they gave your favorite book and seeing what quotes they choose to capture. It's amazing how many people out there are just like you.  Into books about new trends in Brazilian acupuncture?  Well, so are others. Find them here.

3.  The lines between reader and writer are slowly getting erased, all of us are bits of both, maybe more one than the other, but it feels like a hippie writer commune at times and not so culturally elite.

4.  It doesn't have the privacy invading arm of facebook, and it isn't just full of quips like Twittter.

5. Merging your blogs into the author page.  (one complaint: the post shown is usually not the most current.)

6. Updating on your most current read, being able to comment as you go, looking at other folks reviews and saying, 'dang, the review is a piece of art'

7. Befriending folks who slam your book, just to show you can take it.

8. Befriending folks who praise your book, cause that just seems right.

9. All the cool subgroups; name it, and it's there.

10. Smut-free.

-By the way, this could turn into top 12 reasons, or top 8 reasons, since the number is pretty arbitrary. The important thing is, the site is great and is right on.

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