Friday, August 26, 2011

Ebook Giveaways, The Jade Rabbit for Runners, and Stray for those affected by addiction.

 **As of 09/01/2011,  The Jade Rabbit ebook giveaways through directly emailing me are done.  However, look at for a free giveaway of 2 paperback copies of The Jade Rabbit. Jade Rabbit Giveaway

The Jade Rabbit, Available in Kindle, Nook, coming soon in paperback, tells the story of  an adopted Chinese woman who works at a Detroit runaway shelter and runs marathons to cope with a life full of trauma and a job full of madness.  I am looking to find a few Running folks who would like a coupon for a free ebook.

The Jade Rabbit on Amazon

The first three emails I recieve telling me a running event you have taken part in and I will respond with a coupon code for a free ebook of The Jade Rabbit from smashwords.

Also, Stray, the novel, a story that parrallels the life of lost, stray souls struggling with addiction, and the stray animals next door who are looking for their own salvation, is also up for free downloads. It has received all four and five star reviews on Amazon.

 Stray on Amazon
The first three emails I receive telling me either your sobriety date, or the sobriety date of a loved one, or any tidbit about how addiction has affected you, will receive a coupon code for a free download of Stray, also from smashwords.

Thanks! And by the way, reach me at

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