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99 Cents and The Things We Do For Love

 "Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river. 
Too many lonely souls have drifted off to sea." 
~ The Things We Do For Love

This is the third post in a row pimping my book. Obnoxious, isn't it? In fact, if this keeps up, I am going to stop following my own blog and demand that you do the same. But, I need to announce that Monday through Friday, my novel is on sale for just .99 Cents. Check it out: On the Lips of Children  

99 cents from a publisher is rare. Happens all the time in self-publishing, not so much from a traditional publisher. Due to this, my publisher has been put on suicide watch, since he seems to be giving everything away. The whole line of "Books of the Dead Press" has been put on sale for 99 cents.

This includes:  Mountain Home, Discoredia, Running Home, The Bell Witch, Everyman, A Life of Death, and the late Gary Brandner's renowned trilogy The Howling.

If you buy any of these kindle books, including my own, and you aren't satisfied, I will give you your money back. Yep, that's right. Just email me with your address and receipt of which book you bought, and I will put a green, U.S. dollar in the mail. Postage paid by me. Yes, that's how much I love you.

Other Monday Morning Thoughts on....

The Things We Do For Love. 
-Love was in the air on The Walking Dead last night. The first ten minutes had more public display of affection than a high school hallway. Not sure how I feel about this. I prefer the Darryl/Carol romance to be an undercurrent. In fact, things seemed too stable all around. Darryl wasn't mysterious and brooding. Michonne was a bit too conventional. Rick was not a psychotic. I did love the whole distinction between human and non-human, naming our food, naming the zombies. It was one of those 'slice of life' episodes.

 Like Running in the rain and the snow...
-  I ran a 20 miler 8 days ago, a month away from the New York City Marathon date. I was pondering making this the culmination of my training and jumping into a taper, but my legs have finally responded to some hard-core rest.   I'm going to pop another 20 miler in my training bank this week. All so I can wave to the helicopters as I run across this bridge.

...And you're feeling like a part of you is dying...
-I couldn't sleep after watching the Tigers lose to the Red Sox last night. Big Papi's grand slam reminded me of Kirk Gibson's home run with the Dodgers in 1988 that gave them a rush of unstoppable momentum. However, Tuesday night this changes with Justin Verlander on the mound.

....Ooh, You Made Me Love You...
Finally, a big thanks to Timex Sports for the product sampler. They sent me a GPS watch which has pinpoint accuracy of distance traveled. I used it on 4 runs and it measures perfect, and most importantly, I could finally figure out exactly how much I walk while mowing my lawn. (It was a total of 1.06 miles.) A more complete review coming soon



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I put out a call for guest blog posts, particularly from writers who may have been touched by addiction. Huge thanks to writer Christa Carmen who responded by sticking a knife in her heart and spilling it all over the page. Christa has stories splattered about the book world, and one has landed in Year'sBest Hardcore Horror, Volume 2.She's been a tireless advocate for addiction awareness and treatment, and has written a truly touching and personal blog post. Check it out:

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Thanks to everyone who voted.

BODY OF CHRIST is the story of a young boy who secretly builds his own Jesus out of communion wavers and the flesh of his dead father. (Of course, his Jesus will rise, like Christ-figures tend to do. )

HWA members who want a copy (and of course you do) I've got PDF, Mobi, limited number of paperbacks and audio-book vouchers. Also look to this space for another amazon FREEBIE.

..or I'll simply read it to you bedside and you'll have a spiritual awakening.

Message me at:

Want to think some fine folks who helped with this piece, John FD Taff, Andi and Charlene, Julie Hutchings, and the gang of Corpus Press.

Many of my favorite titles on this list below, and I hope to read as many of those I haven't in the short window.

See y'all in Grand Rapids.

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