Saturday, October 12, 2013

There's Fear At the Start of Every Marathon (Read all about it)

The Paperback Copy of "On the Lips of Children" is here. The book has received excellent reviews from runners and non-runners alike. The Horror News Network called it "One of the scariest novels I have read this year."  It recently cracked the top 100 horror books on Amazon. Randy Step, co-owner of Running Fit, had this to say;  
"This is a very dark read that will haunt you on your next run. I could not put it down. Mark nails the runners mentality and how a hard run at a time you should be tapering can lead to more trouble than ruining your race."
Yes, this novel is a bit dark, but to some degree, in the heart of every marathoner is a horror addict. Just go to the start of any race and you'll feel it in the air.
"The scariest moment is always just before you start," to quote Stephen king. This holds true in the marathon chute waiting for the race to begin. Sure, there’s incredible hope, spirituality, and comraderie in the air, but there’s also unspoken fears and trepidation.  There’s nothing quite like the intensity and fear factor of running a marathon which tests your physical and mental strength. It’s primordial and filthy stuff, and you won't come away unchanged. Then again, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Next time your legs are aching in the latter half of a race, try to remember this: You are not sore, you are not tired, there is no lactic acid burning in your legs. It is simply the presence of microscopic zombies gnawing away and eating your insides. Your job, then, is to make it to the finish line before they finish the job.
 Read all about it. Pick one up on Amazon.

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