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The submission period for GARDEN OF FIENDS: TALES OF ADDICTION HORROR is two months old, with two months to go.

Here's an update and primer.

GARDEN OF FIENDS will be an anthology of addiction-themed horror. The focus will be longer, novella length works, four to five pieces (one being my own), with four or five short stories sandwiched in between. Nothing is off limits, as long as it includes a portrayal of the darkness of addiction, with some compassion for the plight of the addict. Payment is $500 via paypal for 16k to 25k (or more) word length stories, and contributor copies. Want an example: Think Stephen King's Grey Matter.

The open call for submissions is for the longer pieces only, as the short stories have already been chosen. To date, authors Glen Kirsch, Jack Ketchum, and Jóhann Thorsson will be featured. A couple other incredible writers to be announced soon after they sign their names in blood.

I realize the word count is more than usual, and that this means more investment in time and energy. Novella length works are the focus for a few reasons. They allow for deeper exploration of plot and character, whereas twenty short stories are so would lend to repitition of content considering the theme. Novellas allow the reader to get sucked in a bit deeper, but not stuck so long that they can't soon get to their huge pile of "to be read" books all of us have.

There has been huge interest in the project, which to me speaks to what potential this topic has. Horror fiction and addiction are a perfect fit.  The blog post announcing the anthology has had 7,000 hits, and I have received many submissions. No selection decisions will be made until the end of the submission period, which is January 1st, 2017. (so take your time and write something kick-ass, since I know folks are working on something now)

Also, despite the high number of inquiries and submissions to date, most of them won't even be considered. Why? Well, what I have learned is, most writers don't bother to read or follow the guidelines, so most of these submission were not even close to what I'm looking for.  For example: I have received novels about the sex slave trade. I have also received essays and inquiries trying to win the 'contest.' I have received countless random short stories with nothing to do with addiction  (it seems authors machine gun fire old stories, bamn bamn bamn, at any open call.).

There has also been a huge outpouring from recovering addicts hoping to write memoirs, which has certainly been touching. I have written many back, encouraging them to 'write from the wound' but that it is fiction I am looking for, not memory, and that the horror part is important.  Part of the reason for the multitude of misguided submissions, I believe,  is due to the many writer websites who love to broadcast opportunities for writers but mislead or bury the submission guidelines.

So incredibly excited for this project! I am hoping the thrill of reading it will provide a high like none other. 

*Here the link to the original call for a submission, and  a summary of the guidelines*

Pay Rates and Structure:
$500 will be paid via paypal for your story. Contributor copies will be shipped to your doorstep. Options to buy further paperbacks will be provided at a discount. Movie rights will be retained by the author, but the publisher will obtain audio rights. The contract term is 4 years at which point all rights revert back to the author.

Submission guidelines:
16k to 25k words.
Multiple submissions okay, simultaneous admissions okay but make it clear you’ve submitted elsewhere.  Submissions should be polished and not need major editing. Standard 12 point, single space, Times New Roman. Nothing fancy. Prefer Word format. 

Please put Garden of Fiends Submission, Name of story, authors last name, and word count in the subject line.  Include a short description or teaser in the body of the email, as well as author bio, publishing history, and any links of interest.

Confirmation of receipt of your submission within 72 hours of submission. 

Time frames:
Announcement: August 1st.
Submissions accepted: September 1st to January 1st, 2017 
Notice of acceptance and contracts sent: by February 1st, 2017 

Inquiries, questions; contact: WickedRunPress@gmail.com

**based on submissions, the structure of the anthology is subject to change, but final terms provided in the contract**

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