Saturday, March 12, 2016

2016 Horror Writers Convention - AKA Stokercon

I'm incredibly excited to be attending my first Horror Writer's Convention this May in Las Vegas.

I've been to one other writing convention, and found it motivating, life-affirming, friend-building. It's like getting an IV drip of crystal meth creative lubricant. There's a certain comfort in being surrounded by like-minded people. There is sanity in numbers.  

I've long said that Horror Writers have a deep understanding of the fragile human spirit and have the finest hearts around, and I'm expecting to see plenty of smiles.

In golf, they tell you when you play with better golfers, it raises your own game. I'm hoping this happens.  I can't wait to breath the same air as the best in the business, and to meet so many folks who I have only written to.

The schedule has just been released. On Friday night, I'll be part of a panel "The Small Press or Self Publishing: Weighing the Best Options" moderated by Jason Brock.  I'll be alongside a host of other authors: Alex Johnson, Paul Dale Anderson, L. Andrew Cooper, JL Brozek. It's a panel I would have surely been sitting in on had I not been sitting up front. 

On Saturday, I will be doing an open reading alongside of Gary Braunbeck. You heard what I said about golfers? Well, Gary has been nominated for TWO Bram Stokers this year. Damn dude has two works that are Bram Stoker Finalists, and I've been paired up with him. I may have to check to make sure there's not another Mark Matthews attending. I've read both of his nominated works, and he's got incredible talent, and I'm left with a HumbleBrag.

Thanks to Dear Wife for being a single parent for the weekend, while I venture to Vegas. I have promised to have my daughter's copy of Rot & Ruin signed by Jonathan Mayberry, which might have helped me punch my ticket.  I'm going as writer, but doesn't mean I won't fanboy myself all over writers such as Jack Ketchum and Paul Tremblay. I have no shame. 

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