Friday, February 12, 2016


In case I haven't screamed it in your ear already, so loud that it made your eyes wince and your brain bleed, ALL SMOKE RISES released this week.

I've been quite a bit manic about the whole thing.

I've spent a ton of time writing up guest blog posts and getting the word out. You want to be a one man publishing team? You are both writer and marketer, and after the writer sticks a knife in his heart, and spills it all right on the page, you don't relax when he wants you to get the word out. You scream it from the rooftops, shout it from the blogs, you actually make friends on facebook, and you reach out to the fabulous horror and dark fiction community.

I've got a guest blog post here on Bram Stoker nominated author Nicholas Kaufman's blog, in which he features author's answer to the question: What is the scariest part of your book?

Horror After Dark and Ginger Nuts of Horror posted Kealan Patrick Burke's introduction to the book, which you must read. (forget about reading the damn book, just read the introduction)

I've got a post on author Julie Hutchings' blog here, in which I gush over her job in editing the book. (pssst... if you want an editor, ask her. Tell her Large Marge Sent you)

Some reviews have appeared on some blog posts. One by this avid runner and dark fiction fan, and..  Another from David Spell, one of the greatest michiganders in the world. 

I've four blog posts coming out soon on Detroit and Michigan specific blogs, including the Motown Writers Network.  

Huge thanks to everyone for their support.

Lastly: If you are wondering if you need to read MILK-BLOOD before ALL SMOKE RISES, rest assured you do not. It was written in a way to serve as a stand-alone story. Of couse, MB will enrich the experience, but you can read them in reverse order.

Just $2.99 on Amazon

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