Friday, July 17, 2015

El Chapo Escapes Prison, Captured and Held as Fodder. (and I know where he is)

El Chapo is a mastermind. A drug cartel superman moving mounds and mounds of crystal meth and other mind-altering Mexican grown products to your backyard, killing people brutally in the perpetual Mexican Drug War. (all to appease U.S drug demand)

For the second time, El Chapo has been captured and imprisoned, only to escape through an intricate, mile-long drug tunnel. 
Actual drug Tunnel Where El Chapo Escaped
Now there is a manhunt for him, but he's nowhere to be found.

Well, I know where he is.

He never made it out of the tunnels. While escaping, he took a wrong turn, and he's being held captive. His escape was thwarted by a bizarre family living just a hundred yards from a running trail near Ocean Beach state park. Now he's being kept company by a bath-salt snorting father, and the loving mother of two feral twin children who are dirty. Underfed. Hungry.

He is still alive, and in fact, being kept alive, but his last words were "please, I beg of you, take me back to prison."

Here is who is taking care of him.

We'll see if he can escape this time. 

Check out On the Lips of Children to learn more about El Chapo's new home. $2.99 on Amazon

(P.S. Dear FBI. Not really. Dear El Chapo. Pardon the trolling)

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