Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three Things. Just Three Things

1. First off: I took the word Running out of the blog title. It seemed like false advertising since I hadn't run a step since last October, and I currently don't have full feeling in my leg and still limp from time to time. I have not given up and never will. In the meantime, I'll be doing more reading and reviewing.

2. An MRI revealed a bunch of evil globs in my spine and confirmed the herniated discs. I was subsequently put on an operating table, some "happy juice" was put into my IV, and then "wham" I woke up in the future. All that was different was three of my discs were injected with some even happier juice, and I now walk with a lot less pain, I have more feeling in my leg, and I'm looking forward to round two. 

3. If you only get food poisoning once in your life, make sure it is from a cruise ship. I promise it is an experience you will never forget. Not only does it do the most bizarre things to your body, but it gives you the strangest dreams.  If I don't someday write a horror story set inside a cruise ship I will consider my life a failure. 

4. (I know I said 3 things, but I always overdo it) I'm fine with all the deaths on Game of Thrones, but this last one proved especially unsatisfying. I don't care if the Red Witch brings him back, that's cheating. I'd rather lose an Army of Daryl Dixon's than one Jon Snow. I'll still watch GOT eagerly, but it'll feel like crumbs of the cake. 

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