Wednesday, April 22, 2015


"If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, if you cashed the check and it didn't bounce, and if you then paid the light bill with the money, I consider you talented." ~Stephen King

Book pirates, who sail the digital seas, are out there right now. Lurking. Searching. 

MILK-BLOOD is being stolen quite regularly. My google alert is full of websites offering the book for free. I have seen a few readers with a coating of milk-blood on their upper lips. 

Rock on, Book Pirate.

I can't say it's not off-putting, (like when someone stole my daughter's bike from my garage) But overall, I ain't mad bro. The day nobody wants to steal my shit is a sad day indeed. But you don't have to steal what is offered freely. (To request a free copy, write me here.) Fortunately, I am a hobbyist writer who does not expect his books to pay the mortgage.  Just maybe the light bill.

Not only are books being pirated, but goodread reviews are tooLike in this link here.

I found this most interesting forum, which you can read here, and is also copied and pasted below. A reader asks for free copies of MILK-BLOOD,  someone responds with, "hey, dude, maybe think twice." Someone then warns that the book is "disgusting and unpleasant." The thread finally concludes with the statement:  "I have a feeling the author is from another planet. It is the only explanation of his knowledge."

Exposed! for yes I am from another planet. One where authors and readers and pirates all live side by side, for you can't steal what is freely given. Nor would you steal if you had an idea of the torment an author goes through. For if you like the book, it makes sense to pay the author's light bill so they can see their way to write you another. I'd be incredibly sad if my favorite writers had to do all their work in the dark.
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    • Reuheattya
      Hi, I want to download books, because my local Library doesnt have the book I'm looking for. So Where can I download books in pdf format? I would like MILK-BLOOD: A Tale of Urban Horror by Mark Matthews, but other books to, so where do I go if I want to Download Books? 

      Thanks in Advance.
      Cory Doctorow is one of the few that is willing to give his books for free. Baen publishers are willing to give some of their books for free also. Pirate sites like Scribd are being sued by authors that are getting ripped off. J. K Rawling is suing Scribd. Think about that. If you spent years writing a book and someone scanned it and gave it away to others costing you sales. how would THAT makes you feel?
      It was not pleasant to read it. There were some disgusting scenes and moments... Uuh...
      Hey Reuheattya,
      Urbooklibrary is the best. You can get almost any book you want for free, new or old doesn't matter. You can find all their books in their play store download app online, just type in general ebooks download


      Thanks! BookLibrary have just been added to my Bookmarks! :)
      I have a feeling that the author is from another planet. It is the only explanation for his knowledge.
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