Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Benefits of Not Running. (Maybe We All Need some Mysoitis Ossificans in Our Lives)

I have run 2 miles in 2015. This was over a span of 2 days, not in succession, and they were slow and easy ones. 

Not running has its benefits. 

*I have more time on my hand (but accomplish less) 

*When I get sick, I don't get sick for as long (but I feel sicker in the head) 

*I don't get the major munchies  (but I eat more because I am depressed) 

*I do much more upper body weights (I pick things up and put them down) 

* I save so much money on race fees (which I waste on Chip Ahoys) 

*I can get a cardio workout just by taking the stairs (going to the top of a tall building with plans to jump off)

Recently I received some PT, which did some good but also revealed to me the evils of the medical world (charges pending) and I think I once again have another diagnosis. Mysoitis Ossificans, which isn't just scar tissue, it is bone growing into your muscle due to an injury 

Myositis ossificans is a rare condition which can occur after the patient has suffered a muscle injury. Returning too soon to training after injury is often a cause. Abnormal bone development occurs where the deep tissue injury has created a hematoma. The patient will experience pain and bruising, and this may cause the development of abnormal bone within the muscle.  The muscles get inflamed and the bone formation occurs. When the bones start to form inside the muscle tissue, the patient will require suitable treatment.

Treatment is hit or miss, may require surgery, but does not have a very high success rate. Jumping off a building does. But first, pass the Chip Ahoys. I want to be nice and fat for the splat. 



LBTEPA said...

oh no, that's so terrible :(. I don't know you but I do have some idea of your struggles as they are similar to my own - although I never went anywhere near BQing! so ((hugs)) this is a hard place

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Hope you're joking about all the splatting.

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Hope you're joking about all the splatting.

Anita said...

Mark, thanks for the chuckle, less running makes you more creative?? You have had a tough go at it the last year. Great sense of humor throughout it all, even if it is just keyboard numbers covering for you. Sorry though, I feel like the last year I have been trying to pump sunshine up everyone but with my constant injury but underneath all those layers of butterflies and fairies is a big fat layer of SUCK.
Keep On keeping on! Great attitude. Anita

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