Monday, January 12, 2015


I just tried to delete 3 blogs posts from draft, and ended up deleting six months worth of blog posts. Six months worth. Last undeleted post happens to be from my sobriety date in June of 2014.  I looked to blogger for how to uncover deleted posts, and you can't. Best you can do is look for the cached versions of the deleted posts, and copy and paste and re-enter.

Part of me is tempted to grab a plastic baggy, scoop up this whole blog in one hand, and toss the stinky mess in the trash like a pile of Dog Crap

I think it is time to change the focus anyways. Running isn't happening, and it feels just odd to have it as part of the title. I am doing all that I can to get back to it, and have not quit. Will not quit, but I am not even close.

Other things I still love to write and ramble apart will have to take its place. Media reviews, book reviews (including reviews of my own) and random thoughts about staying sober and chasing the dragon without being able to run. This will be part of my new world order.

Six months worth of blog posts burns me up. It really does. If someone knows how I can transfer all my stinky dog poop into wordpress while keeping my domain name, please give me a shout.

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Kathee said...

Holy Shit! I have YEARS on my blog. I need to back it up or print it or something. PANIC. I understand the running thing. It gets irritating to blog about running but all it really is is blogging about being hurt. GAH! Luckily with my readership I just blog about whatever the hell I want.
I'll still follow you!

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