Monday, May 12, 2014


I love Goodreads like a five year old loves Pirates. It is an arena where the line between writers and readers has been erased, especially since so many of us are bits of both. Many times the review itself is as creative a piece of art as that which is being reviewed.  For example, this splendid piece by Carol from Star Angel Reviews.   Rated PG for Partly Gorey.

Review of On the Lips of Children
Right now Mr. Matthews, I am very upset with you – all day I have been trying to figure out if you seriously left me hanging like that….Really? I would really like another book - *tapping my foot – and like SOON! Can you please clean up the missing pieces?  I know there is enough story to squeeze out another book – so how about it?

The Prologue kicked ass….the beginning of the story drug…..the middle picked up and by 60% - I couldn’t put the sucker down!


Now when I first read that Dante was sniffing the “bath salts” – my son giving us the lecture on these suckers at our family Thanksgiving dinner is what came to mind ---- “Mom,” he says, “It is not going out to the store and buying up those perfumed crystals for your bath water, and taking them home and snorting them.  Bath Salts is just a name made up for designer drugs that are similar to meth.”  And that sucker looked at me like I was the dumbest person on earth….go figure – so I thought it would be simple for kids to get their hands on them and that was the reason for the Zombie Apocalypse that was breaking out… sue me!

Ah Shit…I went off on a tangent again – back to the review – so yeah, it was gory and parts were heartbreaking but I’m still pissed at the ending….Hahahaa…I just remembered how Dante wanted to take off everyone’s face so he could see what was going on behind the face.  Dante was the shit but I absolutely loved how he got his back in the end. (yeah-his story ended *pfft)

Do you know who really live in the tunnels that connect Tijuana to California?  Did you ever think that cannibals live in those tunnels just waiting for vacationing suckers to stumble upon them?

Well Macon and Erin had no clue – and why wouldn’t they trust the hotel clerk when he told Macon about a short cut to get to the ocean quicker?  Macon was running in the marathon the very next day and couldn’t strain his muscles too much…so why not take Mr. Mex up on his suggestion?

Would this really be a horror if Erin didn’t go to follow Macon with their 6 year old daughter, taking the same path?  Who are these people living under the overpass and how come they are so close to the tunnels?

When Macon finally makes it to the ocean and meets two little children at the end of the dock and the little boy starts sucking the blood out of his calf which is bleeding, didn’t Macon think things were a bit “off”?

Macon gets back to the hotel only to find Erin missing and a strange message on his phone….money in exchange for Erin?  What is going on?

From this point on – when Macon makes it back to the homeless freaks is when the story really gets good with blood sucking, eye popping, head bashing, skin gouging gore!!

The ending?  You know I never give away the ending…but in this case – I really can’t.  See that, Mr. Matthews?  The readers want an ending….OK…that’s not true….I want the ending – so just message me and let me know the outcome of the 4 people left outside the tunnel – please?

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