Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I never watched American Idol until this season. I could not have told you a single thing about it even after hours of torture. But this season, someone from my hometown is the finalist and I've been watching closely the last few weeks.
Jena at the local High School
You can't shoot a snot-rocket in this town without hitting a "Vote for Jena Irene" poster. She's everywhere. And the funny thing is, all of a sudden, everybody knows her and is her friend. Any store you go into: a bakery, a barber, a grocery store, they all claim that "Jena used to shop here/eat here/visit here/work here when she was younger." Everyone's proud, and rightly so, because she's got more talent that this town should allow. Seeing her grandparents watch her perform at North Farmington High and bust out in tears of joy made me bust out in tears of joy. (my wife suspects I'm going through menopause.)

I feel ya man.
 Her competition, Caleb Johnson, is a damn powerful singer himself. His version of "Dazed and Confused" was inspiring, but he seems to me more of the perfect front man for a Led Zeppelin cover band than an artist in his own right. Jena's version of Elvis's "Can't Help Falling in Love" and Radiohead's "Creep"  have her personage stamped all over it.

Of course,  I am a bit biased. Did I mention Jena used to babysit my kids when she was younger?
...that's a lie. But, Yo, Vote for Jena

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