Monday, November 11, 2013

"Run Fast and Take Chances" Awards, Books, and Running Fit

I am pretty damn thrilled to announce that On the Lips of Children has been nominated by a Horror Review blog for "2013's best in Horror for a small or independent press." 

Golf claps all around!

  No, this is no Bram Stoker award, nor even a distant cousin, but I am very honored and will celebrate any award. Even being the skinniest kid at fat camp. A big thanks to Michael W Garza for the nomination.

If you are so inclined, I would love your vote! Check it out and vote here: 2013 Best in Small Press/Indie Horror. As of this time, I am in second place. The rest of the books are zombie novels, it seems, as the blogger is the author of  a zombie novel himself.  

What? You haven't read it yet! Well, here's some news:  Running Fit is now carrying my paperback on their shelves. If you are anywhere in Michigan, there is a Running Fit near you. Go in and check it out. Run, don't walk. Tell them you know the author and that you are faster than him. Steal a copy if you have to (NOT REALLY!!)
Box o'Books
All of them have been signed with the expression "Run Fast and Take Chances," a favorite saying of co-owner Randy Step meant to encourage runners to push themselves to run farther and faster than they thought possible. Taken out of context, it could also be to encourage you to run on dark San Diego trails where a bizarre family is raising their feral, blood thirsty children in a drug tunnel along the way.

At a Running Fit store near you.



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Kathee said...

I haven't finished Jade Rabbit but then I'll read it.
Actually anyone that puts George clapping gets my vote. I want him to follow me around and everything I do that I think is successful he will clap.
Too much to ask?

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