Saturday, September 7, 2013

"It's Got To Be The Shoes" Scapegoating My Nikes

As many highs and adventures as my last two years of running have given me, I’m certainly not content about some of my struggles. Too many injuries. Much slower times. Longer recovery periods needed.

I am not going to be “complaining about injury guy” or “always negative guy.” I’d rather be “find a solution guy” or “accept what I cannot change guy.” Still the whole thing perplexes me.

Aging accounts for some. Stupid training mistakes account for some.  But when I look at 'the list,' I do a lot of things right.  Change up my running surfaces. Check. Rest days. Check. Foam roll. Check. Mix up my speeds. Check. Slowly build up mileage. Check. Change up my brand of running shoes.
 I've stuck with the same brand over the last two years.

Putting on the Nike Pegasus is like a shot of dope to my runner's soul, but, maybe the Pegasus was doing something wrong for me. Some microscopic structural fusion in the Nike brand is exacerbating my ligamental weakness and radiating injuries through my runners soul (don't read that twice, it's not supposed to make sense)

So, I am ditching the Nike Pegasus, and my dream of being sponsored by Nike is certainly over, especially after this blog post.
Because, I am doing more than ditching them. This is more than just blame. This is scapegoating. Undue irrational blame to express and vent all my frustrations. I need a scapegoat.  I need to go medieval all over that damn swoosh.  And I am thinking I may even go public. 
The best scapegoats are public, right? Public hangings. Public flogging. Public stoning. We've all seen this done with shoes  
The Salem witch trials is perhaps the most disturbing and uniquely American of scapegoating in history, so I am going that route.  I will be gathering up all the Nikes in the state of Michigan, accusing them of witchcraft, and soon will be drowning them in the river or burning them at the stake. Count on it.
So, if you have a pair of Nike Pegasus, I just may be knocking at your door. So please, hand them over. Just do it.


Jirnsum said...

Glad that I'm far away from Michigan then, cause I still love'm :P

nerokitty said...

So aptly put. I really enjoyed this.

Kathee said...

I blame Nike's for my first stress fracture....because I can.

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

What are you changing to??? I just bought new shoes today too!! Saucony mirage and saucony guides. I was and asics 2100/2000 series girl for life before!! I'm nervous!!! Can't hurt at this point though!

Anonymous said...

I have ran in the Air Pegasus from version 26 to 30 and just bought a pair of New Balance 880's this weekend. I have completed 5 marathons and 6,000 miles in the past 3 years in this brand, but have never felt totally comfortable in them. Like the Nike, the New Balance is also a Neutral shoe, but it felt a little better at Playmakers, so I am going to add them to my rotation and plan on using them for the Indy Marathon in November.

I am a little sad to be switching, but who knows I might be back depending on my results.


Mark Matthews said...

After trying many different brands and models, the Brooks Ghost is my new shoe.

Jen Feeny said...

I am absolutely cracking up over here. Glad you found a new shoe and hopefully it will be the answer to your issues.

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