Monday, August 19, 2013

Breaking Bad Marathon - The Responses

 A few weeks back I wrote a long post on "What if there really was a Breaking Bad marathon?"  (an actual 26.2 mile race). It was so a lot of fun to write, and pretty much the whole reason I went into blogging. Sorry, folks, it's all downhill from here.

I of course tweeted it out and got an ego-building barrage of retweets. I also wrote to Marie (Betsy Brandt) that she beat her sister Skylar in a marathon despite stopping on the course to shoplift. I got this response:

Yesterday  I tweeted that I'd be rooting for Hank (Dean) over Walter White (Bryan) in an actual Breaking Bad Marathon. One of the assistant directors, who is an avid runner,  tweeted back.

I suppose I write all of this to say "hey, I'm extremely cool."  But how neat is it that in social media we can even make these small connections. A retweet or tweet back has become the new autograph. 

As for the last two Breaking Bad episodes, (spoiler alert!) they are full of critical scenes that override any plot.  Hank confronting Walt in his garage was tremendous and the moment we've been waiting for. Marie confronting Skylar may have been just as good. Ironic, I feel that Hank's power is shrinking, or 'shirking' a bit with this information, partly due to embarrassment, while Marie seemed to gain power in this moment. I am hoping that Hank finds his balls again, so to speak, because Walter's have grown now that the cancer is back.

Pinkmans' existential crisis doesn't do as much for me. Yes, he's been waffling since the beginning, but it doesn't fit now. Still, he's about to be grilled by bad ass DEA cope Hank, who thought he could pull out the family card rather than the sly cop card in getting Skylar to speak. He's going to go from Bad cop to Good cop to 'get out of jail free if you speak' cop on Pinkman next episode. Totally Kafkaesque.

As for marathon times, Walter White's time I assume is faster than Hank's, but we all know you need to show up in the right mental state on marathon morning, and Walter is posed for a DNF, and all his training (and cash) maybe for nothing.

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