Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cover Reveal and

For the past several months, I have been revising, rewriting, and regrinding blogs posts, and if all goes well, the material will be available as a book on Amazon soon. (and free to anyone who asks) The focus will be on running and the role it plays in recovery from addiction, with all sorts of other stuff thrown in.

At first I tinkered with picture software for the cover, but it was beyond my skills. So, I went to Here's some new possible covers so far:

If you haven't been to yet, run, don't walk. It's the coolest site around. Kind of like Target. Once you go there you will realize there are things you need you never knew about. 

Do you want a personalized message shouted out loud from a woman wearing a Banana costume? It's here. All for just 5 bucks. Bells and Whistles are an extra five bucks, so shop wisely.

This includes book covers. My short story on Amazon; "Zombie Dash" (over to the right, check it out) was made at Fiver. 

The covers may not all be professional grade, but I think they are sharp, especially if you get the right person. 

And here's a secret: Go there and ask for Ilian from Bulgari. That's Ilian. (Yes, I know, this is how the movie "Hostel" started. But it's okay.)  Here's his link:

And for the record and a disclaimer, he had no idea I was going to post this until he was done. I like to pass on the word for good work. All of this because Instant Karma's gonna get me. Gonna smack right me in the face. 

We all shine on.

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