Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"A Life of Death" by Weston Kincade

First, a shout out to Weston Kincade for editing my novel, and then a high-pitched howl about his own release, “A Life of Death.”
 Sure, there are some bad-asses out there who can run barefoot, but for most of us, we need a pair of Nike or Asics or Brooks to get by. Well, a writer needs an editor like a runner needs shoes.
This certainly held true in my latest novel, On the Lips of Children. Weston treated the novel with not only his excellent editing skills, but with the care and concern you'd want from a babysitter watching your child.  Without his skills, and without the backing of Books of The Dead Press, my novel would have sputtered and never came to life. Weston polished things up, noted inconsistencies, and helped mold the all-important ending. 
Editor and Author.
Check out his blog here.

He’s a word craftsmen, and this is evident in his latest release, “Life of Death.” The novel has been serialized.  (That’s what happens when you’re book is really kick-ass; they make it into a series).  It is full of angst, emotion and imagery, and a life-in-transition supernatural power. The storyline struck me as a cross between the Harry Potter series and "Carrie" by Stephen King. Weston states he "often hears readers comment that it wasn’t like they’d read a book, but sat through a thrilling movie they just couldn’t miss a second of.” 

An amazing and addictive series from a talented storyteller.
Homicide detective Alex Drummond is confronted with the past through his son’s innocent question. Alex’s tale of his troubled senior year unfolds revealing loss, drunken abuse, and mysterious visions of murder and demonic children. Is he going insane? With the help of his close friend Paige Kurtley, Alex must find the source of his misfortune and ensure his sanity.

Here is a snippet of a review from Alaskan Book Café:
And so we hear a tale of horrible abuse, murder, guilt, fear, the voices of the dead, love, understanding and hope. Mr Kincade did a wonderful job telling this story. The characters are well developed and easy to relate to. They are people you know and some you hope to never know. It is intense at times, it will move you and it is realistic. Mr Kincade has written a story you will get lost in. Time will fall away while you are glued to reading it. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars.”
The reviews on Amazon have been just as strong.  As for the author, I can fully relate to his thoughts when he says, " 'A Life of Death' still brings tears to my eyes at times and a strong confidence and pride in my heart.” 
For .99 cents, you can read the first episode and decide for yourself.

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