Sunday, June 16, 2013

"All the Best Runners Have Daddy Issues"

Dads.  From the day you are born until you turn 13-15 or so, they know everything. They are like superman. They can beat anybody up, and you want to be them.

Then, from around ages 13 to 25 your dad becomes 'not smart'. (stupid, really). Old fashioned, unaware, non-hip, and someone to be overcame rather than an ally.

Well, around the age of 25, your dad becomes smart again. He's the go-to person with wisdom, the person who did this whole life with a family thing before. You are now amazed at how well he did. 'What would dad think?' becomes part of your self-talk. He's the one to speak with in a crisis. The sounding board. Dad is smart again. The man of steel has returned.

Of course, Dad hasn't changed through all of this, but you have.

Happy Father's Day to the second most important job in the world.

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