Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Master of My Domain: No Running For 30 Days

That's it. No Running For 30 Days. None. I'll walk out of my house if it's on fire.

I'm to be Master of My Domain.

The first week or so will be easy. But once the acute pain from the marathon fades the real test will begin. I will need help to do this.

Picture this...

Your beloved son knocks on your door. "I'm a heroin addict and can't shake this habit. I've tried everything. I'm desperate, mom, desperateLock me in a room with 10 gallons of water, a blanket, and a piss-bucket," he asks of you, "and don’t let me out for 5 days no matter how hard I beg, plead or cry.”

You decide to lock him in the room, but then have to turn up the Neil Diamond CD’s so you can’t hear his frantic screams to unlock the door when the withdrawals hit.

Or imagine your daughter knocks at your door, "Mom, I'm a werewolf, yep, a werewolf, and I'm tired of feeding on innocent humans every full moon. I beg of you, lock me in your cellar. Reinforce the walls with concrete. Leave me there and vacate. Tonight is the Harvest Moon”

You’d gladly show her the cellar, pour the concrete, but load your Glock up with a silver bullet, just in case.

Well, I’m a heroin addicted werewolf, asking to be locked into a room, cemented in, and not let out for at least 30 days. Expect me to change my mind. I certainly can't trust my own moronic brain that brought me here. 

My legs are no longer muscle but filled with scar tissue.  My IT band on my left leg aches, which caused a sharp, knife-like pain on the outside of my knee during the marathon.  This is the spot that’s screaming the loudest right now.  On the other side, just under my right kneecap, it still shouts in pain, especially walking down stairs. My thigh continues to have these odd spasms that over time tighten up into a hot ball of thorns.

I've never met a Hyperbole I didn't love, but this isn’t something where a week's rest will help. My legs have been dead for quite a while, and I’m trying to heal them deep and thorough before I do some New York City marathon training which will include greater weekly mileage and less long runs.

On schedule for the month of May is daily foam rolling, walks, some light biking, upper body weights, stretches, and lots of reading.

My focus will be elsewhere anyway.  June 10th is the expected release of my next novel, “On the Lips of Children” from Books of the Dead Press. Guaranteed to tattoo the insides of your eyeball. In a good way.


I have rewritten, revised, and revitalized many of my running blog posts, particularly ones related to addiction and running, added some new material, and I’ll be releasing an ebook in the next 4-6 weeks with the working title; “Chasing the Dragon: Running to Get High”.  Guaranteed to tattoo your running spirit. In a good way.

In the meantime, double lock the door, reinforce the walls, and don't let me out to run. No matter what I say.


Suzy said...

Oh no! I hope it's not contagious, because if I had to take time off, there would be a lot of carnage!

Ty @tyruns.blogspot said...

Good choice Mark! I also think more weekly mileage and less emphasis on long runs will help ward off injury too. What's your return to running plan? I haven't made mine yet. It will involve alternating walking and running and a very slow build in mileage though. I guess I should just keep going and wait until June 3rd to run again. That will make a month for me. Yay?

LBTEPA said...

ouch on so many levels. Be careful of your mood (you'll be cross training though?) and hang in there

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