Friday, May 17, 2013

New York City Marathon 2013 ~ Looking For Revenge

I registered for the 2013 New York City Marathon today and paid $266 dollars. This is steep at ten bucks per mile, but it is worth it. You don't take nothing with you but your soul. And I like to think that our souls are full of our memories and energy from our lifetimes, so I intend to gather up what I can for that day I take the trip to the next stop.

I had hoped that I could wait to register for New York until I had finished the Bayshore Marathon on May 25th and I could assess the damage done. I've been whittling my legs down to nothing, and who knows what will be left after this run.

But, as the cosmic joker in the sky would have it, deadline to register for New York is 12 midnight, May 24th, 7 hours and 15 minutes before Bayshore starts.

Either way, I'm all in for 2013, 

New York City Marathon Redux. Part 2. The Sequel. There and Back Again.  This time for a real run, not a Central Park "Run Anyway" marathon. I"m not leaving until I cross that finish line.

Every time I put on my Orange 2012 New York City Marathon shirt, my daughter scolds me with "you didn't earn that shirt."  

"I know," I think to myself, "she's right," so like Bruce Willis going back home for his watch in Pulp Fiction, (as I described it in full detail in this post here) I am going to return. And like Bruce, this time, I'm a little pissed off and looking for revenge.


John said...

I understand prices have been kind of steep for prominent events such as the New York City Marathon but for major events like these I can understand the reasoning. What I don't understand is how Ironman events can charge up towards 750 to even 1000 for a participant to register. The more involved I become in the Triathlon community the more I am starting to despise it. There are so many differences between the two communities but during race events it really comes out.

-The vibe/ the feel/ the crowd/ everything. Anyone can go out an run and that's what I love about running, is in these events you see parents, kids, grandparents and every variation and personality all coming out. Triathlons just have this weird exclusive feel to it and it's not nearly as fun or inviting.

In the running community i've also met far more abusers that have translated their addiction in to running. One of my favorite is this 45 year old guy that comes out to the local races all the time. Really bad drug problem back in the day but he has been clean now and uses running as his high. So, one day after a 5K he is walking around with this shirt that says" Running is my drug."


Good post

Anita said...

Hey Mark,
I am pretty excited for you. This year will be my 2nd year that I am putting in for ING. We shall see in the next week.
I attempted to qualify on a half marathon a couple years ago but came up 3 seconds SHORT! My Epic Failure my family jokingly describes this. God had a plan for me though..That would have been last years marathon.

As for going back..I totally get it. After this year I was would have ran Boston twice and thought that was plenty. But due to the events of this years Boston and the tragic events and deflated victory I too have decided to go back next year as well.

I have been trying to title my reasoning for going back next year. As you have..REVENGE. I just haven't discovered it through the unsifted emotions quite yet.

So happy that you are going back.

Anonymous said...

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Cait the Arty Runnerchick said...

heck to the yea, out for redemption and BLOOD! hehe. but seriously, let's be honest, the only reason u wanna rock it so much is so u can totally stick it to the NYRR people, right?! ;)
Ps- i haven't raced in years, so when i read the prices of entry fee's i really do about poop at how expensive they are...don't worry i wear i diaper :P

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