Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Joe Hill's Novel "NOS4A2" and My 99 Cent Sale

I starting reading Joe Hill's book, NOS4A2, released just today, and so far it's amazing. Great storytelling, engaging characters, riveting and mystical. He writes so well that he makes it look easy, the way all experts do with their craft. Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King, which he neither broadcasts nor runs from, which is exactly how it should be.

 I nearly refused to buy the book on the grounds it was priced $13.59 for the kindle, and I had signed my name in blood I would not pay over $9.99 for an ebook. But, after reading some incredible interviews with Joe, as well as more about the novel itself, I changed my mind. I also got a tweet from Chuck Wendig saying 'you pay ten bucks for a movie you cheap ass, and with this book you know you're getting a great product' (that was my paraphrase, he was kind and caring and professional, in a Chuck Wendig kind of way).

I'm going to be wrapped up in a novel and NHL playoffs for many days to come.

So, in the spirit of pricing things low as they can go, my two novels are now at .99 cents.

STRAY  the novel, and The Jade Rabbit  both .99 cents on Amazon for Kindle.

STRAY, the novel,  and The Jade Rabbit  .99 cents at Barnes and Noble for Nook.

And my short story, The Zombie Dash, a tale of a 10k gone terribly wrong is completely free on smashwords.

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