Monday, July 25, 2011

Stray: Origins (now available in Paperback)

Stray, the novel, is on Amazon and coming out in paperback.  Stray At Amazon/Paperback and Kindle
I actually finished the novel in 2001 and it initially found a publisher called Unfortunately, they held it hostage on the 'coming soon' list for years before going out of business and the novel, and my signed contract, was set free.  I was very excited to finally publish it electronically , extra excited when it was downloaded a few times, and did some cartwheels when I made it temporarily for free and thousands and thousands of downloads followed.

The idea for Stray came to me after leaving work each day, which shared an expansive parking lot with an animal shelter, and hearing a cacophony of sad, desperate, explosive barks from the dogs in the fenced-in yard. They did not sound much different from the sad, desperate, explosive words I had just been listening to at the substance abuse treatment center where I worked. The stray, lost dogs at the shelter and the stray, lost souls at the treatment center all shared a common thread.  And, of course, those who were working to help them all had traces of 'strayness' in them as well, and easily diverted from there path of wholeness and tranquility.  There is not a therapist out there who shouldn't switch chairs at times with most every client.

I am also of the 'we are all connected' belief and that the butterfly wings in Arizonia add to the turbulent winds in Maine, and that every time a priest takes a gulp of wine during communion in Minnesota it causes a cow to burp in India.

So, the story weaves together a recovering alcoholic turned therapist, , a family of heroin wizards and changelings, a woman adopted from the far east who works at the animal shelter, and a newly orphaned alcoholic named James plus the  ten year old girl who eventually adopted his lost dog.

As for the novel, it is not the worst thing you ever read, but don't take my word for it. Here is a list of reviews: Reviews of Stray

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