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Breaking Bad - The Final Episode Awaits

**spoiler alert**
I would have been completely happy if last night's Breaking Bad episode had been the lost. I love inconclusive endings like how The Sopranos went out.

My jaw dropped twice last night. The masked men along Hollys' crib, and the when Andrea got shot. Damn.

Loved the tension and action of the start in contrast to the cold, isolated stillness of shacked up Walt. It's a modern day Dostoyevsky novel.

What will next week's final episode bring? I have already been wrong about predictions. I had Skylar or Walt Junior (now Flynn) dying before Hank or anyone else, so, I'm sure I will be wrong here.

Here's some random predictions:

Walt: We judge ourselves by our intentions, others judge us by our actions. Walt still clings to his mantra "I did everything for my family." (His Ego is a member of this family and requires the most care.)  He has lost all self-awareness of the repercussions of his actions. The phone call to his son and being dragged down by the founder of Grey Matter are the final nails in the coffin of a simple chemistry teaching Dad. All that's left is Heisenberg.

Martyrdom or self-sacrifice awaits. I think all the running around with Guns in his trunk has to be to protect Skylar from the Lydia, who wants her dead. Walt's best redemption is to die in a prison hospital.

Walt who? I am the danger. And my heart wants what it wants.

Todd: you ever met a sicker fuck in your life? His uncle, Sir Aryan nation, seems safer. If Todd is alive at the end of next week, none of us are safe. I think he's dead by 10:15, Sunday, September 29th. After he killed the motorcycle boy, he saved the child's tarantula. Perhaps the spider gets revenge on behalf of the child. His crush on Lydia will be part of his, and/or Lydia's doom.

He's made this face so much lately, it will stay like that.
Pinkman:  Pinkman's consciousness and caring actually seems to have grown through the years the more bad he broke. If only he could rationalize and lie like Walt, but, alas, all the therapy in the world isn't going to make his life worth living. If he does live, he'll be off to Europe looking for some Heisenberg blue.

Beware of Marie Wearing Black
Marie- She's not done yet. I expect her to flex a bit and rage against the machine.  It will be much bigger than shoplifting.

It's really all just so Oedipal isn't it?
Walt Junior/Flynn- I think he's had his climactic moments the last two episodes. The true protector of Skylar. The true barometer of moral purity.  Couldn't you feel his head and heart swirl listening to his dad on the phone? He has never been more powerful than when fighting back against dad. Well played, Flynn. 

Skylar-  I certainly don't think she dies at the hands of Lydia, but I don't think her sister is done with her either.  Maybe she sees a message in her bacon to disclose all she knows to the DEA and give Holly to Marie while she goes to jail. Maybe she finally goes Ophelia. Maybe she survives but half her face gets a bit destroyed like Gus after the explosion and Jesse after the torturing. (that was no coincidence. Nothing is in the world of Vince Gilligan.)

Saul- Survives and does manage a Cinnabon store. Want a big ass? better call Saul.


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