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B.L.O.G = Bringing Lots Of Grandiosity

Once in a while I go through a blogging crisis. "It's so narcissistic" my spirit screams. I get over it pretty quick. In fact, these thoughts just further justify my narcissism to continue. It all becomes okay because "at least I feel guilty about it."

Besides, it's a BLOG, which stands for Bringing Lots Of Grandiosity.

Now that that's out of the way, I wanted to share that I'm getting fantastic feedback for my novel,  "On the Lips of Children." Here's the novel on Goodreads, and here it is on Amazon.  

Here's one to share. Below is a review from the book blog: Liz Loves Books:

                                             On the Lips of Children
First of all, if you are faint of heart or have a nervous disposition I would probably not read this novella- although you will be missing out if you don’t. It took me under two hours to complete, that was how enthralled I was. Incidentally, reading this novel AND going to see Elysium at the cinema on the same day is probably not conducive to your health. Elysium has exploding people…this novel has exploding lives….

So, Macon, marathon runner, father, tattoo artist, goes for what should be a simple run, and ends up entangled in a nightmare….his wife, behind him, won’t escape either…

Doesn't sound like much when I give you that little blurb does it? Determinedly though I’m not going to tell you anything else because the true genius of this book is that it's so unexpected.  It is horrifying. Family pitted against family…Mother against Mother….how far would YOU go to protect your children? In a funny kind of way it had a whole Star Wars thing going ….the light  versus the dark side….neither giving up, both determined to come out on top. And characterisation is key – Lyric, oh Lyric, broke my heart…and hey this really is a horror story at heart and yet it has real gut wrenching emotion as well. Don’t see that too often…

This is a powerful story mostly because you really have no idea where its going….Mark Matthews has a very particular turn of phrase and the ability to keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat as you wonder who will ultimately triumph…A real page turning Good v Evil tale of terror. Loved it.

Happy Reading Folks!

$3.99 for Kindle. Paperback is coming soon.

Lupita and her baby


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I put out a call for guest blog posts, particularly from writers who may have been touched by addiction. Huge thanks to writer Christa Carmen who responded by sticking a knife in her heart and spilling it all over the page. Christa has stories splattered about the book world, and one has landed in Year'sBest Hardcore Horror, Volume 2.She's been a tireless advocate for addiction awareness and treatment, and has written a truly touching and personal blog post. Check it out:

You’ll probably agree with me when I say that the word ‘epic’ is an overused one. ‘That was an epic party last night, man.’ ‘The cupcakes Betsie made for Jess’s party were epic!’ ‘Whoa, Claire just delivered the most epic of epic burns!’ Despite the propensity for ‘epic’ to be thrown around like a Frisbee at a frat house, I’ve never shied from attributing the term to certain works of fiction, or from feeling more connected to those works because of it.

When I was in middle school, I was always primed for the …

BODY OF CHRIST is on the Preliminary Ballot of the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards.

Happy to announce that my novella BODY OF CHRIST is on the Preliminary Ballot of the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards.


Thanks to everyone who voted.

BODY OF CHRIST is the story of a young boy who secretly builds his own Jesus out of communion wavers and the flesh of his dead father. (Of course, his Jesus will rise, like Christ-figures tend to do. )

HWA members who want a copy (and of course you do) I've got PDF, Mobi, limited number of paperbacks and audio-book vouchers. Also look to this space for another amazon FREEBIE.

..or I'll simply read it to you bedside and you'll have a spiritual awakening.

Message me at:

Want to think some fine folks who helped with this piece, John FD Taff, Andi and Charlene, Julie Hutchings, and the gang of Corpus Press.

Many of my favorite titles on this list below, and I hope to read as many of those I haven't in the short window.

See y'all in Grand Rapids.

2018 Bra…

Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror

Lullabies for Suffering:  Tales of Addiction Horror, with stories by: Caroline Kepnes Gabino Iglesias John FD Taff Mercedes M Yardley Mark Matthews Kealan Patrick Burke
coming January 2020